GenAI and other top Fusion Apps posts from 2023

December 13, 2023 | 3 minute read
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In a roundup of the top stories about Fusion Apps on The Fusion Insider in 2023, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’ve only been talking about AI. AI, and specifically GenAI, seemed to dominate the headlines. While it’s poised to trigger a generational shift in enterprise apps and is a major part of our story, it’s not the entire story. Take a look below at the top cross-apps posts that captured reader interest in 2023 (and get a complete list of them here).

1. GenAI—Fusion Apps strategy and direction

If you read only one story about Oracle AI, this should be it—an overview of GenAI in Fusion Apps. You'll learn about the fundamentals of our approach and specific features that are coming soon. (3-minute read)

Why it matters: If you want to know where we are going with GenAI in Fusion Apps, this post is your authoritative source. It shares the specifics of Fusion Apps AI enhancements, laying out examples of GenAI assisted authoring, suggestions, and summarization across Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, CX, ERP, and SCM. It also explains underlying technology and addresses privacy and security concerns.

2. Planning successful migrations to the cloud

There are so many routes to the cloud that it can be hard to know which is right for you. This post helps you evaluate options, see how other customers have migrated, and make your own blueprint. (9-minute read)

Why it matters: In all the glitz, glamor, and excitement of cutting-edge, advanced technologies, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics, like undertaking a successful cloud migration. This post offers perspective on how to migrate successfully based on the Fusion Development Team’s experience working with countless customers. It provides concrete guidance and customer examples that can benefit organizations in the middle of or planning a move to the cloud.

3. Oracle ML helps you leverage predictive analytics

Machine learning moves predictive analytics out of science fiction and into the mainstream. Watch a short demo to see where we are taking Fusion Analytics—and where it can take you. (3-minute read)

Why it matters: This post demystifies predictive analytics and explains how you can mine data to identify trends and model outcomes. It shows how business users in finance and HR can use predictive analytics to grasp the impact of multiple related factors, drill down from the highest level to the lowest level of detail, and easily answer complex questions.

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