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September 26, 2023 | 3 minute read
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Every quarter, Apps Development delivers hundreds of new features and enhancements across Fusion Apps to help your organization succeed. And even though we have the most complete suite available, we know that you may sometimes have unique needs that require solutions built to your specific requirements. Whether you’re creating extensions or integrations (to Oracle or non-Oracle systems), we can give you a leg up through the common extension and integration patterns we publish as open-source code samples on GitHub.

Code samples give you a head start

It’s always easier to start something new with an example rather than beginning from scratch. So, our goal is to help by providing you with a solid starting point. These code samples reflect our experience solving challenges across industries, apps, and infrastructure. In addition to helping you get started, they can also help avoid pitfalls and anti-patterns we’ve seen before.

Each sample comes with source code, build scripts, and readme documentation. In combination with the Oracle Architecture Center and Oracle technical blogs like the A-Team Chronicles, you can build upon published code samples to meet your own requirements—whether you’re integrating Fusion Apps with another cloud service, building a custom AI-powered bot, or whatever else you can dream up. Just note that code samples are not intended to provide complete functionality and do not represent general-availability, fully supported code.

Why open source?

While we are offering code samples based on our experience, we believe strongly in the power of community—Fusion Apps roadmaps are 80% customer-driven from input on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect (OCCC). In that spirit, we publish samples as open-source code and invite customers and partners to collaborate to put them to good use. We believe that the collective effort will enrich the number and quality of available solutions.

You can contribute code samples of your own or fork the samples we publish for the benefit of the Fusion Apps community. And we look forward to our code samples serving as catalysts for your innovation. (All samples on GitHub have permissive, open-source licenses attached, which provide information related to contribution and distribution.)

Where can I get them?

Stay tuned for more samples

Apps Dev will continue to create and publish code samples. We will make them available on GitHub (and potentially other locations). In addition to contributing code samples of your own, you can submit questions or concerns and make requests for changes to existing sample code using the Issues tab under each repository. And keep an eye out for a new way to request sample code for specific challenges through OCCC, coming soon.

 If you're an Oracle Partner and want to learn more, visit the Oracle Partner Community.

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