See how GenAI will work in your ERP and EPM

April 19, 2024 | 3 minute read
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Oracle is delivering AI as part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite quarterly updates, and that means exciting changes are in store for Oracle Cloud EPM and ERP. Now that we’ve announced what’s coming, we want to show you what to expect. 

GenAI in Narrative Reporting in Oracle Cloud EPM

This demo shows how AI can help financial managers respond to changing circumstances by updating roll-forward reports used for financial planning. (Be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear the narrator explain the details.)

Why it matters: This vision demo shows where we’re headed with embedded generative AI in Oracle Cloud EPM. Note that AI-generated output isn’t just reviewable by end users; it is also editable. This preserves oversight by skilled financial professionals. The demo also shows how easy it is to incorporate AI-generated insights into reports: GenAI drafts the content based on simple prompts, live data, and forecasts, and it is capable of creating charts and updating summaries based on new information provided.

GenAI in Project Planning in Oracle Cloud ERP

This demo shows how AI in Oracle Cloud ERP Project Management helps build a dynamic project plan that optimizes resources to meet both financial objectives and customer needs.

Why it matters: This vision demo shows how project managers get a fast and efficient way to develop plans with a high degree of flexibility, all with the benefit of human oversight and control. Operations and financial managers will appreciate how AI delivers early visibility into each project’s financial viability and risk profile. And everyone involved will value the ease with which resources and schedules can be adjusted to meet project needs.

Summing up

We’re using AI to reshape Fusion Apps, creating valuable use cases across ERP, EPM, and other functional areas. We’re focused on helping people do their jobs better (not replacing them or trying to override their judgement). Don’t miss the recent announcement covering new GenAI capabilities, and be ready for more to come. 

If you're an Oracle Partner and want to learn more, visit the Oracle Partner Community.

For additional information on how you can use AI as part of an Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP subscription, click the “Learn more” button. 

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