Announcing Oracle’s 2024 HCM product priorities

March 25, 2024 | 4 minute read
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The new “2024 Cloud HCM Investment Summary” lays out the strategy, investment priorities, and planned releases for Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM for the next 12 months. It will help you understand upcoming changes to your HCM subscription and prepare for new innovations and enhancements. (Instructions for downloading the investment summary are below.)

Big picture: we’re working to elevate HR leaders by equipping them to help their organizations improve performance and meet business objectives. That involves addressing the needs of diverse stakeholders including employees, prospective employees, managers, HR professionals, business leaders and executives. And it includes delivering new technology, like GenAI.

Our five specific investment themes for 2024 include the following.

1. Employee experience

The HCM Dev team has long focused on elevating the employee experience. Over the last four years, we’ve reimagined our UX using the Redwood design system. As of Release 24A, approximately 95% of our self-service screens utilize Redwood. Moving forward, we’re expanding Redwood into specialist- and admin-focused pages, too. This is more than a facelift. We’re delivering a richer, higher-performing UX that’s configurable, extensible, and powerful. Redwood also enables us to create new kinds of applications like Oracle Cloud Journeys, Opportunity Marketplace, Dynamic Skills, and Oracle ME, our employee experience platform (see below). 

2. AI-powered upskilling for mobility and growth

Oracle Dynamic Skills, our AI-powered skills platform, helps organizations ensure that their workforces have the right capabilities today and in the future. It is included as part of your Core HR subscription and is an important underpinning of several other applications. Last year, we focused on using Dynamic Skills to enable Oracle ME to give employees visibility and agency over their career growth. 

In 2024, we’re building on these investments with a wider focus on empowering business leaders and administrators. For example, managers will be able to design skill paths for the unique needs of their teams—paths that are focused on business performance, impact, and outcomes. 

3. People-first leadership 

This year we have a renewed focus on managers as a key user constituency, delivering tools to help them fulfill leadership responsibilities. For example, we’re working on a new Team Activity Center that will give managers a consolidated view into tasks, alerts, analytics, workforce management, and more. It will equip them to make decisions and take action without involving HR. A few of the use cases include enabling managers to run their own communication campaigns, give recognition awards, and support more empathetic workforce scheduling.

4. Talent acquisition 

Recruiting is blazing hot. And some of our customers—especially in retail—have shown that applying technology to talent acquisition can deliver dramatically better performance. So for 2024, we’re leaning into that theme with a focus on: 

  • Rolling out the Redwood UX to transform the relationship between HR and its business stakeholders. The goal is to provide better experiences for hiring managers with smoother navigation, business flows, and activity monitoring. 
  • Using GenAI in recruitment, especially to streamline processes for candidates, managers, and other employees like administrators and HR specialists.
  • Building more attractive and engaging candidate experiences. There are some valuable innovations on the way, like expanded channels for applicants and drip campaigns (inspired by leading CRM best practices) to keep candidates interested. 

5. Organizational agility and performance

Two factors that determine organizational agility are speed and productivity. GenAI can improve both. So throughout 2024 we will be working on the rapid advancement of GenAI across our products. These will appear as functional updates, and they’ll benefit employees, managers, specialists, and HR leaders alike. 

Other development initiatives will have an impact on organizational agility including advancements in position planning and workforce scheduling, and the introduction of new analytics dashboards. 

Additional Information

If you’d like further details, please visit Oracle Cloud Customer Connect. You’ll find resources to help you understand, plan, deploy, and refine new HR-related capabilities. Experts from Fusion Product Development, partners, and peer organizations are available to answer your questions and help you adopt the latest capabilities. 

For additional information on our 2024 priorities, download the 2024 Cloud HCM Investment Summary from Oracle Cloud Customer Connect (scroll down the page and click on the second linked document, titled "2024 Cloud HCM Investment Summary.pdf"; login required.)

To get further details on adopting Redwood in Oracle HCM Cloud through the following webcasts: 

If you’re an Oracle Partner and want to learn more, visit the Oracle Partner Community.  

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