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Oracle HCM Cloud: Release 13 Update Planning & Opting Into New Features

Surlina Yin
HCM Cloud Center of Excellence

Oracle HCM Cloud provides a straightforward upgrade and update experience. Get prepared in advance for a successful transition to the latest release updates.

Oracle HCM Cloud Checklists for Upgrading from Release 12 to Release 13 (Doc ID 2354604.1)

This white paper helps ensure that you complete all the tasks for a successful upgrade.  Follow the step-by-step instructions in the upgrade planning checklists to track and plan the Release 13 upgrade.  These checklists are designed to provide advanced planning information.  Release 12 customers may choose to use this information to plan future solutions as they are enhanced. For some localization customers, upgrade is essential to meet compliance requirements.

It is crucial to develop a release plan to ensure a smooth transition from old technology to new.  

Release 13 Upgrade Approaches

You must evaluate your business priorities versus resource availability in order to determine how to plan your upgrade. Common approaches are: 

  • Technical Upgrade Only. Strictly upgrade. No feature uptakes are included and you validate the deployed business processes in Release 12 continue to work after the upgrade.  The intention is to defer adoption of new features and products to post-upgrade new project initiatives.
  • Technical Upgrade and Light Features Uptake. Upgrade, plus minimal feature uptakes, for example, localization changes, or additional language install.
  • Technical Upgrade and Features Uptake. Upgrade, plus key product complete features uptake, for example, brand new user experience including new Default Landing Page.

To Do Lists

If your project is part of a pilot program live in prior release and has a few features to uptake in Release 13, focus on the following To Do Lists to fast track your upgrade.

R12 PRE-UPG Key Actions Helpful Tips
Choose dates for R13UPG (first come first served) 1) Feasibility of Technical Upgrade only

2) Self-service request via My Services

3) Schedule P2T/T2T via My Services


Release 13 Upgrade Planning Checklist
for resource planning:
- New Features (see column B)
- Release Schedules (see columns C/E)
- Upgrade Impact (see column D) ***
*** action is on the partner and customer to assess the impacts, that Oracle can only suggest potential impacts


Stage to upgrade on Tuesdays whereas Production(Prod)/Parallel Prod on Weekends
- replay Scheduling Rel13 Upgrade on Customer Connec

If project in midst of implementation phase, consider upgrade Stage and Pre-Prod in the same week

If customer is live and has one Stage one Parallel Prod, consider upgrade Prod/Parallel Prod in the same week thereafter P2T
Scope of UPG Testing 1) Plan and prepare new test scripts Review functional known issues/workaround, see Doc ID 1554838.1 for Release 13 HCM Cloud Release 13 Upgrade Planning Checklist for uptake actions:
- Business flow (see column N)
- Profile option values (see column R)
- Security roles and function privileges (see column S)
- Navigation path (see column T)
- Product training and white paper (see columns V-Z)
- Decision on Priority Order (AA), Reimplement (AB), Must Uptake (AC), Consider Hiding (Q) based on columns (F/G/L)
Enable Offerings 1) Enabling Offerings and Functional Areas

2) Enabling Features
Select enable for implementation checkbox

Configure Features and Feature Choices
Configuration Freeze 1) Backup


2) Change Freeze


Before P2T or T2T if Gold instance:
- Production changes, for example customization, configuration, and data fix script to freeze prior to P2T/T2T
- Publish Sandbox, exit dummy sandboxes
- Never attempt to import R12 packages to R13
- Prepare BI backups in both target and source instances
- Cease all ESS jobs in source instance for upgrade to start

R13 POST-UPG Key Actions Helpful Tips
immediate action
Switch to using consolidated (server) URL prior to upgrade regression testing Product family specific nodes like 'fs', 'crm', 'hcm' etc are replaced by 'fa', example:
Perform R13 post-upgrade functional steps Configuration Changes Release 13 Upgrade Planning Checklist for resource planning:
- FSM Opt-in Feature (see column K)
- Profile Options (see column R)
- Security Role & Function Privileges (see column S)
Tools Download Desktop Integration Installer Re-install ADFdi correct version on client:
(Navigator) Tools > Download Desktop Integration Installer
On-going Uptakes Announcements: (Month) Advisory - Visibility into New Cloud Apps Functionality Specifically, this communication lists the products that release new functionality in the forthcoming schedule.
- Review the updated What's New for the recent changes. Read Revision History first.

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