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Oracle HCM Cloud: Release 13 Update Planning & Opting Into New Features

Oracle HCM Cloud provides a straightforward upgrade and update experience. Get prepared in advance for a successful transition to the latest release updates. Oracle HCM Cloud Checklists for Upgrading from Release 12 to Release 13 (Doc ID 2354604.1) This white paper helps ensure that you complete all the tasks for a successful upgrade.  Follow the step-by-step instructions in the upgrade planning checklists to track and plan the Release 13 upgrade.  These checklists are designed...

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LCM Archive and Purge Processes for Release 12 Oracle HCM Cloud

Archiving and Purging is a data growth control method that Oracle HCM Cloud customers can adopt into a strategy for information life cycle management (LCM). Purge Load Batch Data (customers) Maintaining the stage and interface tables in all environments is the responsibility of customers * make this a regular task Customers have full control of when and how frequently to delete stage table data Archive then Purge Completed BPM Tasks (CloudOps/customers) BPM tasks in terminal state...

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