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Invoking Document Transfer Utility Using Java Program

Srirama Sista
HCM Cloud Technical Solution Manager

The WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility is a set of command line interface tools written in Java providing content import and export capabilities.

  • The UploadTool is used to create a new content item in Oracle WebCenter Content based on contents streamed from a local file.
  • The SearchTool is used to locate content items within Oracle WebCenter Content matching specific query criteria.
  • The DownloadTool is used to retrieve a content item from Oracle WebCenter Content and save its contents to a local file.

Soap Based transfer Utility

The preferred generic soap-based transfer utility (oracle.ucm.fa_genericclient_11.1.1.jar) which requires the Oracle JRF Web Service supporting libraries and uses JAX/WS over HTTPS to communicate with the Oracle WebCenter Content Server

The generic soap-based transfer utility accesses the Content Server through its GenericSoapPort web service (/idcws/GenericSoapPort) and requires the client to specify a suitable UsernameToken-based Oracle WSM Security Client Policy that matches the Server's configured service policy.


Services available in SOAP based Utility                                                                                   

Java Library File Name Service Type IDC  Service Name Class File Location
oracle.ucm.fa_genericclient_11.1.1.jar Upload CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL oracle.ucm.fa_genericclient_11.1.1.jar.oracle
oracle.ucm.fa_genericclient_11.1.1.jar Search GET_SEARCH_RESULTS oracle.ucm.fa_genericclient_11.1.1.jar.oracle
oracle.ucm.fa_genericclient_11.1.1.jar Download GET_FILE oracle.ucm.fa_genericclient_11.1.1.jar.oracle


Automating Document Transfer

If the customer is planning to leverage the services provided by delivered Oracle WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility, then the document transfer automation can be achieved using :

1) Commands to invoke the services provided by the Document Transfer Utility. Please refer the this blog for more details on this approach 

2) Java Programs to invoke the services provided by the Document Transfer Utility.

3) Oracle HCM COE – UCM utility - API wrapper on top of #2 and can be used as a starting point for automation.


Oracle HCM COE – UCM Utility

Oracle HCM COE – UCM utility is a package containing Java based sample API that interacts with Web Content Server Document Transfer utility to facilitate Upload, Search, Download actions on UCM.  This sample API is also designed to handle Delete action on UCM.

This API is not production ready, please use this as a template or working model and modify to fit your requirements.

With the help of this utility users will be able to:

i) Search files in UCM based on multiple attributes like Title, Author, Content ID, Dates, Comments etc.,
ii) Search and Download multiple files in a single execution of the program
iii) Search, Download and Delete multiple files in a single execution of the program
iv) Search and Delete multiple files in a single execution of the program

The App that is part of this utility package provides the User Interface to perform Upload, Search and Delete actions.

Sample Testing Programs are provided in the package with the help of which the UCM Utility API can be invoked by passing required parameters. Once the transaction is successful, this API returns respective attribute values back to the Testing Programs. The return values are dependent on the type of action performed by the API.

You can download the Oracle HCM COE – UCM Utility package from here.



Oracle Java 6 SE release 1.6.0_20 is the minimum JAVA version required for a successful document transfer.


Contents of Oracle HCM COE – UCM Utility Package



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