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FBL to HDL Uptake

Prasanna Borse
Center of Excellence at Oracle


Oracle HCM Data Loader (referred to here as HDL) is a powerful tool for bulk data loading and integrations. For many reasons, HDL should be the primary choice for all of your data-loading requirements. For example, it supports one-time conversions and incremental updates, multithreaded processing, flexfields, attachments, translations, and much more. Using HDL, you can load business objects for most Oracle HCM Cloud products. In addition, the HDL framework supports business users with its spreadsheet capabilities. The purpose of this article is to assist you with HDL uptake as HCM File-Based Loader reaches end of life.

End of Life for HCM File Based Loader (FBL) -

Starting in Release 10 (when HDL was introduced), Oracle HCM Cloud File-Based Loader (FBL) was deprecated. From update 19B, Oracle HCM-File Based loader (FBL) will no longer be supported. If you’re still using FBL, then you must migrate to HDL before this deadline.  This announcement also impacts customers using FBL based spreadsheet loaders. 19A will be the last release in which customers can use FBL. Once update 19B is applied to an environment you will no longer be able to use FBL.

This note applies only to Oracle HCM Cloud File-Based Loader (FBL). There’s no impact on other file-based data-import tools such as FBdi used in ERP or Sales Cloud, for example.

How to find out if you are still using FBL?

To confirm if your integrations are based on FBL please check the HCM Data Loader Scope parameter in the Configure HCM Data Loader page. The setting of the HCM Data Loader Scope parameter controls the behaviour of loading tools in the Oracle HCM Cloud application. This parameter has two values, Limited and Full.

If this parameter is set to Full FBL is disabled and there is no further action required.

If this parameter is set to Limited FBL is still enabled and you need to plan to migrate to HDL.

Note: The HCM Data Loader Scope parameter cannot be set back to Limited once it has been set to Full. Once this parameter is set to Full, HCM File-Based Loader and its related spreadsheets no longer function.

You may review this article to get more information about HDL scope parameter. 


We have developed a guided flow to help you with decision making process and provide the information necessary for HDL uptake. Click here to begin the flow.


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