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Contextual Analysis in Talent Management

Surlina Yin
HCM Cloud Center of Excellence

The use of contextual information that takes into account the holistic view of a worker is essential to foster a more engaged workforce and management team. Users expect the underlying data to give insight into the individual’s contributions and the overall impact to the company’s bottom line.

Application context passing to embedded reports is a unified approach for better information sharing within the Fusion Applications promoting equality of opportunity in the workplace. Contextual analysis provides immediately accessible and relevant contextualized reporting that can transform performance reviews. Organizations need to enable greater connectivity between the information in real-time reporting with other corporate information.

Use of the simplest and most cost effective analytics will lead to a solid career conversation driving top performance.

Questions employees care about most:

  • How am I doing? How do I fit into the bigger picture?
  • What is next for me? Opportunity to reaffirm strengths and align individual goals with purpose and direction.
  • What and how should I develop to be more successful?

Key result areas managers concern most:

  • Is my team engaged? Are we working towards vital priorities?
  • Am I bringing the best of my direct reports?
  • Ability to give feedback in the moment and surmount the limits to growth.

Problems organizational leaders face:

  • The gender imperative.
  • How work gets done and how performance is measured/rewarded.
  • Adaptive challenges in talent development as well as culture change.

This white paper (Doc ID 2378216.1) is a guide of leading practices with sample use cases:

  1. Individual Potential to Improve and Grow
  2. Long-term Goals Rating History
  3. Sales Performance Goals
  4. Pay for Performance Metric
  5. Personal Qualities and Attributes

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