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Calling FBLdi from Peoplesoft

Prasanna Borse
Center of Excellence at Oracle

FBL Desktop Integrator (FBLdi) is a standalone desktop application that can assist you with various steps involved in FBL and data conversion without the need for developing complicated java programs or going through the lengthy process of posting a file to Oracle Fusion HCM manually. 

It's been years since I did any coding for Peoplesoft but still daring to put some sample code around how to automate the integration from Peoplesoft. As you can see the sample code is using hardcoded values for the parameters and you will have to write way smarter code than what I have below to make sure it is picking up the values from parameters than hard-coded inputs. Good luck with the implementation. 


Sample batch file is attached here (please rename it as Fusion_Upload.bat


Local string &fbl_batchname = "testbatch123";
Local string &fbl_autoload = "Y";
Local string &fbl_mode = "ucm";
Local string &fbl_prop = "D:\FBLdi2.3.6\profiles\ERF_UCM.tm";
Local string &input_file = "D:\2.zip";
Local string &object_list = "Department,Establishment,Grade";
Local string &bath_name = "PB_Test123";
Local string &commandline = "ucm " | "-f " | &input_file | " -i " | "-al " | &fbl_autoload | " -b " | &bath_name;
Local JavaObject &runtime = GetJavaClass("java.lang.Runtime").getRuntime();
Local JavaObject &process = &runtime.exec("D:\FBLdi2.3.6\Fusion_Upload.bat " | &commandline);
Local JavaObject &inputStreamReader = CreateJavaObject("java.io.InputStreamReader", &process.getInputStream());
Local JavaObject &bufferedReader = CreateJavaObject("java.io.BufferedReader", &inputStreamReader);
Local any &inputLine;
&i = 0;
While True
   &inputLine = &bufferedReader.readLine();
   If (&inputLine <> Null And
         &i < 50) Then
      MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, &inputLine);
      &i = &i + 1;


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