Tuesday Aug 25, 2009

Oracle ECM Partner Fishbowl Brain Mashup Day

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Friday Aug 21, 2009

Signposts on the road to my thinking...

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Thursday Aug 20, 2009

Ten Requirements for Achieving Collaboration #3: Usage & Context Patterns

We are in the midst of a series investigating intentional and accidental collaboration: INTENTIONAL: where we get together to achieve a goal and ACCIDENTAL: where you interact with something of mine and I am never aware of your interaction
While intentional collaboration is good it is not where the bulk of untapped collaborative potential lies. Accidental collaboration is. But the challenge is to intentionally facilitate accidental collaboration. For the full list of 10 requirements see the original post. Last week I wrote about requirement #2: why the automated aggregation of content bound data is important. This week we continue the series investigating requirement #3 which continues on the aggregation theme: Usage and context patterns must be able to be automatically created, extracted, enhanced and preserved. It bears repeating that the reason we're spending so much time on aggregation is because it is in the aggregate that patterns and meta-patterns emerge that provide real intelligence that simply cannot be seen when looking at a single object. It is the difference between spotting "striking similarities" in two sets of DNA then pulling back and seeing that one belongs to a person and the other a cabbage. [Read More]

Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

E20 & ECM Reading List

Blogs You Should Be Reading on ECM and E20 in addition to your usual fodder. These are in *addition* to the blog roll list at the lower right. If you have a blog you'd like me to add here, post your URL and what makes you great in the comments. and now.... [Read More]

Monday Jul 06, 2009

Structured and Unstructured Information in the Enterprise

computer_money.jpg Information is the currency of the enterprise. While we sell products or services, it is information that brokers that transaction. Whether we create reports, devise strategies, or process queues of applications we consume, create and consider information. Enterprise 2.0 technologies and Web 2.0 behavior patterns have not changed any of this. Rather they have augmented the modes and methodologies through which we process information to execute our responsibilities. [Read More]

Thursday Jun 25, 2009

E20 & ECM - On Discipline and Dumps

Enterprise Content Management systems are designed to house human created and consumable information. One of the challenges in recent years that ECM systems have faced is the explosion of content. Web and Enterprise 2.0 systems have lowered the bar to participation on and with the web. Participation in many cases means content creation. We participate in instant message (IM) conversations, we interact in discussion threads, we write blog entries, update wiki entries, and review everything under the sun whether books, movies, music, documents, projects or even each other. Those ratings, wikis, messages and participation are all content. [Read More]

Friday Jun 05, 2009

Text Analytics and Enterprise Content Management

hand_sm.jpgText Analytics is an interesting sub-genre of Business Intelligence. It does a lot but if I had to condense it to layman's terms, it figures out the important bits of some text you give it, transforms those bits, stores them, and mashes them up for Business Intelligence analysis with other bits. Yawn. [Read More]

Wednesday May 13, 2009

Analyst & Industry Round Up of the Open Text & Vignette Wedding

Following is a snapshot of analyst reactions to the news of Open Text and Vignette: Thanks to Joely Urton for the legwork on this entry! Guy Creese calls it like it is: Burton Group, Open Text Is Putting Vignette Out of Its Misery by Buying It * "In the dot.com era, Vignette was unstoppable. . . . I remember spending a day at Vignette at the height of its growth and being shown the multiple fussball tables for developers, the many flavors of microwave popcorn, and the conference rooms full of Aeron chairs. At that point, I knew Vignette was heading for a fall, and told them so. Incredulous, they basically told me I had no grip on reality. Two years later, when the dot.com bust came along, it turned out I was right and they were wrong." *"Vignette has never really recovered from those days. Competitors began offering somewhat similar web content management systems for a lot less money, and the portal business became a lot less trendy as well. So Vignette has survived, but it was only a matter of time before the company got bought. Now we know who the buyer is."[Read More]

Monday Mar 23, 2009

The Green Meme

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Enterprise 2.0 and Content Management


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