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Fusion HCM SaaS – Integration

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Fusion HCM SaaS – Integration

A typical implementation pattern we’re seeing with Fusion
Apps early adopters is implementing a few Fusion HCM applications that bring
the most benefit to their company with the least disruption to existing
programs and interfaces. Very often this ends up being Fusion Goals &
Performance, Talent, Compensation or Benefits, often with Taleo for recruiting.
The implementation picture looks like what you see below:

Here, you can see that all the “downstream integrations”
from the On-Premise Core HR, are unaffected because the master for employee
data is still your On-Premise Core HR system – all updates and new hires are
made here (although they may be fed in from Taleo to start with).

As a second phase when customers migrate Core HR to Fusion
HCM, they have to come up with a strategy to manage integrations to all their
downstream applications that require employee details. For customers coming
from EBS HR, a short term strategy that allows for minimal impact, is to
extract employee data from Fusion (Via HCM Extract), and load the shared EBS HR
tables (which are part of an EBS Financials install anyways), and let your downstream integrations continue to function based on this data as shown below.

If you are not coming from EBS HR and there are license
implications, you may want to consider:

  1. Creating an On-Premise warehouse
    for extracting data from Fusion Apps.
  2. Leveraging Fusion Apps Web
    Services (available to SaaS customers starting R7) to directly retrieve/write
    data to Fusion Apps.

Integration Tools

File Based Loader

This is the primary mechanism for loading HCM data (both
initial load and incremental updates) into Fusion HCM. Employee & related data can be uploaded
into Fusion HCM using File Based Loader.

Note that ability to schedule File Based
Loader to run on a pre-defined schedule will be available as a patch on top of
Rel 5.

Hr2Hr has been deprecated in favor of File Based Loader, but
for existing customers using Hr2Hr, here are some sample scripts
that show how to get more informative error messages. They can be run by
creating data model sql queries in BI Publisher. The scripts currently have
hard coded values for request id and loader batch id, which your developer will
need to update to the correct values for you. The BI Publisher Training Session recorded on
Apr 18th is available here
(under "Recordings"). This will enable a somewhat technical resource
to create a data model sql query.

Links to
Documentation & Traning

documentation for File Based Loader
on docs.oracle.com

FBL 1.1 MOS Doc Id 1533860.1

demo data files for File Based Loader

HCM SaaS Integrations ppt
and recording.

EBS api's

Loading Information into EBS Full
or Shared HCM

This could be candidate
information being loaded from Taleo into EBS or 
Employee information being loaded from Fusion HCM into an
EBS shared HR install (for downstream applications & EBS Financials).

Oracle HRMS Product Family Publicly
Callable Business Process APIs (A Reference Consolidation) [ID 216838.1]

This is a guide to the EBS R12 Integration Repository accessible from an EBS

EBS HRMS Publicly Callable Business Process
APIs in Release 11i & 12 [ID 121964.1]

Fusion HCM Extract

Fusion HCM Extract is the
primary mechanism used to extract employee information from Fusion HCM.

Refer to the "Configure
Identity Sync
" doc on MOS  for additional mechanisms.

Additional documentation (you'll need an oracle.com
account to access)
Extracts User Guides (Rel 4 & 5)

Extract Entity/Attributes (Rel 5)

Extract User Guide (Rel 5)

If you don’t have an oracle.com account, download the
zipped HCM
Extract Rel 5 Docs
(Click on File --> Download on next screen).

Training Recordings
on Fusion HCM Extract

Benefits Extract

To setup the benefits
extract, refer to the following guide.

Page 2-15 of the User Documentation describes how to use the benefits

Benefit enrollments can
also be uploaded into Fusion Benefits. Instructions are here
along with a sample
upload file

However, if the defined benefits extract does not meet
your requirements, you can use BI Publisher (Link to BI
Publisher presentation recording from Apr 18th
) to create your own
version of Benefits extract. You can start with the data model query
underlying the benefits extract.

Payroll Interface

Fusion Payroll Interface enables you to capture personal
payroll information, such as earnings and deductions, along with other data
from Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management, and send that information to a
third-party payroll provider.

Payroll interface guide
Sample file
DBI's used for the payroll interface

Fusion HCM Integration Patterns

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  • guest Thursday, May 8, 2014

    I need more information i have to integrate oracle fusion HCM with HR in Oracle EBS, could you help me?

    I'm a oracle ebs developer


  • Kiran Mundy Thursday, May 8, 2014

    Do you have a design created for this? I'd need a lot more details in order to be able to assist. Please feel free to contact me over email kiran.mundy@oracle.com

  • guest Thursday, October 16, 2014

    I am interested in a ready set of templates or Web Services specifically designed with EBS Financials integration in mind. I would be interested in a conversation on this.



    Jim Farris

  • Kiran Mundy Friday, November 21, 2014

    Jim, We will be working on this. Please email me @ kiran.mundy@oracle.com and we can schedule a time to talk..

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