Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Introducing a new Business Rules SE

Please check out and play with the Business Rules SE contributed by Milan Fort and provide feedback. Main page is here: http://wiki.open-esb.java.net/Wiki.jsp?page=Rules4JBI Quick Start Guide is here: http://wiki.open-esb.java.net/Wiki.jsp?page=Rules4JBI.QuickStartGuide Screencast is here: http://wiki.open-esb.java.net/attach/Rules4JBI/rules4jbi-screencast.html

Wednesday Dec 24, 2008

Project Keychain for Identity User Provisioning

I would like to introduce you to an open source project I have been working on to enable Identity User Provisioning via standard JBI components in the OpenESB project. It's called project Keychain and I think it's really cool :-) Check it out here : https://keychain.dev.java.net/

GlassFish ESB and CAPS R6 Update 1 about to be released

It's been a busy few months and we recently completed the GlassFish ESB and CAPS R6 Update 1 releases. GlassFish ESB release is the first commercially and Sun supported release of the OpenESB project which is near and dear to my heart and has consumed the majority of my time in the past 3 years. GlassFish ESB includes several new components including File, JMS, FTP, LDAP, and Database BCs, ETL SE, DataMashup SE,... as well as updated components like HTTP BC, BPEL SE, XSLT SE, ... These components were enhanced to include enterprise scale systemic qualities like recovery, failover, transaction, security, logging,.... See this link for details: https://open-esb.dev.java.net/glassfishesb/

Wednesday May 21, 2008

CAPS6 code freeze is today

It's been a busy 10 months or so on this large project but we are very close to the end :-) I am proud of what we have accomplished. To name a few: support for Netbean 6.1 for CAPS tooling with the ability to create/build and deploy repository based (5.1.x) applications in addition to the new JBI and Java EE5 based applications with Interoperability features for a mixture of these. Many eWay adapters are available as standard JCA adapters for use in JavaEE/ejb applications. Upgraded features for many adapters like V3 support for HL7, Security (SNC) support for SAP, EJB 3 support for Weblogic and SunOne,... Runtime, uses the standard GlassFish 9.1 Application Server. Application Configuration, allows for building the application once and deploy to multiple runtime environments without change by externalizing the connectivity configurations. The installer is much friendlier and faster and support additional platforms. Lot's of cool features in Management and Monitoring framework including API callable from all JSR-223 Scripting languages.

Didn't get to blog about Java One this year

Been busy with CAPS6 and other things :-) Java One was really great. We showed off GlassFish ESB, Project Fuji and CAPS6 at CommunityOne and pavilion floor. A bunch of partners like Imola, Accenture,... had mini talks at the Community Corner. Had meetings/... on JBI 2.0 and a bunch of Hands On Labs... with lots of participants. The technical sessions on JBI, OpenESB,... had very good participation. We also met a few customers and shared our CAPS6, and plans for Open Source projects... with them.

Friday Aug 10, 2007

OpenESB and CAPS

OpenESB and CAPS contributed by Fred Aabedi

A future version of Java CAPS includes the Open ESB framework and components. The Open ESB framework is based on the Java Business Integration (JBI) standard (JSR208) and has been built in Open Source (https://open-esb.dev.java.net). The components have also been developed in Open Source, with contributions from partners and individuals who have been working with us on the Open JBI Components project (https://open-jbi-components.dev.java.net) and openesbaddons under the Enterprise project on netbeans.org.

We aim to achieve openness and greater interoperability in the area of integration that has lacked it in the past. For the first time, component developers can hope to be able to build components that will be able to plug in without change in multiple frameworks that are based on JBI. We have already experienced vendors who had built components for ServiceMix (another JBI ESB implementation) easily port their components to OpenESB. Doing so gives them and their potential customers the ability to take advantage of the enterprise features provided by JavaEE since OpenESB framework leverages those features. It also gives them the advantage of leveraging the Netbeans design time tooling and project system that is part of OpenESB.

Customers will have the choice of choosing best of breed JBI components from their favorite providers and plug them into their favorite JBI Bus (hopefully ours).

The fact that most JBI components including the ones built by external to Sun entities are done in Open Source, reduces duplication of effort and frees up resources for more innovation.

As a result we are experiencing new components being built by a consortium and close cooperation of several distinct entities that are quite interesting and address the new social networking and mobile communications needs the public demands. Examples are SIP (Voice Over IP), XMPP (Jabber), and RSS (Syndication feeds) components.

It also provides customers an alternative to proprietary ESB platforms and help prevent vendor lock in and allows independent software vendors to extend established open platforms with customized offerings to meet specific customer needs.

The merge of the OpenESB framework and some of JBI components into CAPS 5.2 brings exciting new possibilities to both our existing and new customers in the integration, composite applications, and SOA domains. A consolidated runtime environment based on the world class Glassfish platform allows the interoperability of our classic Java EE based components and new JBI based components. This combination is quite powerful and provides a lot of new options to our customers to solve their integration problems and build killer composite applications. Customers realize this ability to leverage existing proven solutions along with leading edge technologies by taking advantage of the Bi-directional Re-use features (JBI Bridge) that allow interoperability between the Java EE and JBI based components. In addition, standardization on the NetBeans 6.0 platform for all of the Java CAPS tooling gives developers a proven and effective platform on which to develop enterprise solutions.

To learn more about Project Open ESB, please visit http://open-esb.org.

For more information about JBI and integration technologies, please visit http://java.sun.com/integration.

For more information about Sun's Java CAPS commercial product, please

visit http://www.sun.com/javacaps

Tuesday May 29, 2007

A shameless plea to please cast your vote for Open ESB

Please vote to make Open ESB ranked #1 one. At this moment it is #3 but very close to be #2 and not far from being #1. Please go to: http://java.sys-con.com/general/readerschoice.htm Please click on "Best Java Enterprise Service Bus" and vote for Open ESB. Also, please vote for SoapUI under the Web Services (Best Testing Tool and Best Web Services Utility).

late report post Java One

Hi everyone, I didn't get a chance to blog about how busy we were and how much fun we had at JavaOne until now. I was really amazed about the tremendous amount of interest we received in the Open ESB 2.0 and the JBI Ecosystem booths. Many thanks to our partners who conducted demos and mini talks in the JBI Ecosystem and Community Corner and for everyone’s participation in the Wednesday’s JBI Evening sessions. Besides those we had several technical sessions and BOFs on JBI and Open ESB. We also ran loan application demos,… at the SOA Enterprise booth. I believe next year will be even more fun and exciting since we are getting a lot of interest in JBI and Open ESB from the community.

Friday May 04, 2007

Java One 2007 will be very busy but a lot of fun too!

I will be at Java One next week.

I have invited a few of our community partners who have worked hard with us and have built a large number or JBI components that are now part of the Open ESB Installer.

A few people from Gestalt, Imola and Bostech,... will be coming.


At Sun we also have been working hard on building a large number of JBI Components for Open ESB and I encourage you to take a peek at:



You can preview the Open ESB Installer at:



We will have mini talks and demos in the Community Corner, and demos in the JBI Ecosystem booth and more in the Open ESB 2.0 booth and quite a few technical sessions and BOF sessions related to JBI and Open ESB.


I must say that next week will not be all work, and we intend to have fun too at the JBI Evening and the Partner Lunch events.

Take a look at some of our partners here:


An Introduction

Hello everyone, I came to Sun through the acquisition of SeeBeyond where I worked on and managed architecture and development of adapters and addon products for the eGate 4.x, and ICAN 5.x Suite of products. At Sun, I continued to be responsible for architecture and development of adapters and addon products for the Java CAPS Suite of products and for the architecture and development of JBI Binding Components and related netbeans tooling. I am also responsible for building a community of Open Source Contributors/partners to Open ESB and JBI. In the recent months it has been very fun working with quite a few partners which has resulted in availability of quite a few JBI Components in Open ESB.



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