Friday Dec 07, 2007

Live Blogging Day 4: When the master spoke...

Just concluded...a great session on free and open source by Simon Phipps. In his talk, Simon addressed several open questions on licensing, patents, and trademarks.


Notes from Simon's session

  • Sun is the largest commercial contributor to open source
  • Sun contributes to 750 free and open source software products
  • Today, Apache software foundation and Ubuntu are very key to free software
  • We operate in a "global mesh" as part of the FOSS community
  • FOSS is an expression of change in society
  • FOSS is not about saving money, it is about sovereignty
  • Sun is engaging in open source to be part of the bigger community
  • We need to learn how to handle software patents

Simon also talked about:

  • Corporate behavior
  • Trademark issues
  • Transparency vs democracy

Simon also announced the "Sun Open Source Community Innovation Awards" in his talk.

Thursday Nov 29, 2007

FOSS.IN Featured Speaker: Josh Berkus

We are glad to have Josh Berkus,  PostgreSQL expert attending FOSS.IN next week.


More about Josh:

Josh Berkus is primarily known as one of the Core Team of the world-spanning open source database project PostgreSQL.  He has been involved with various open source projects since 1998, including, LedgerSMB, Bricolage and OpenBRR, and currently sits on the board of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.  Sun Microsystems employs Josh in its Database Technolgy Group as the strategic lead for Sun's PostgreSQL for Solaris product offering. Contact: Josh regularly blogs here:

Josh is speaking on PostgreSQL 8.3: A story of many patches:

PostgreSQL 8.3 is out.  Learn how it was developed, including how the biggest feature of the new version was developed by an Indian programmer, Pavan Deloasse, and how you can contribute to the new version.  Also, find out about some of the features in the new version.

Why is Josh excited to be in FOSS.IN?

In his own words...

It's the first chance a member of our core team has been able to speak at a major conference in India.  Since India and China are in all probability the future leading countries in software, it's very important that PostgreSQL build up our Indian community. I hope to get started on that at FOSS.In.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2007

FOSS.IN Countdown: 5 days to go


We just have 5 days for FOSS.IN 2007 to begin. The "Project Day" events deserve special mention. A project day is a whole day of activity (Talks, demos, and discussion) on a particular technology or tool. We are glad to have a dedicated day each for OpenSolaris and OpenOffice.

  • December 4, 2007: OpenSolaris
  • December 5, 2007: OpenOffice

The OpenSolaris project day has been featured in this blog. Keep visiting this blog for more information. The OpenOffice project day will also be featured in this blog in the next few days.

Announcing: OpenSolaris Project Day

FOSS.IN, the largest community driven conference in the Indian sub-continent features a day long event on OpenSolaris [December 4, 2007]. The Bangalore OpenSolaris User Group (BOSUG), the user group driving this program is one of the most active and happening OpenSolaris user groups world wide.

The Bangalore OpenSolaris User Group (BOSUG) will organize the one-day event.


  • Want to contribute to some of the hottest opensource technologies?
  • Curious about what OpenSolaris related technologies are all about?
  • Gung-ho about contributing but not sure where to start?
  • Want to be part of a happening community group?

Join us at the OpenSolaris Project Day.

Get a peek into:

  • The OpenSolaris community
  • OpenSolaris related technologies
  • OpenSolaris based distros
  • Contribution opportunities

What should you do now?

  • Register to attend FOSS.IN
  • Indicate your interest to attend the OpenSolaris Project Day track in the registration page

For more information, visit the BOSUG page: Click here for information on the proposed project day.

Monday Nov 26, 2007

FOSS.IN schedule announced

The FOSS.IN schedule has been announced. Bookmark this page.

FOSS.IN Featured Demo: OpenJDK

Look out for a demo on OpenJDK when you attend FOSS.IN next week. Sun engineers Vaibhav Choudhary and Vikram Aroskar would demo the product.

The OpenJDK demo has been designed to demonstrate the following:

  • How to download OpenJDK?
  • List of dependant modules or software to be installed for building OpenJDK
  • Setting up environment in NetBeans IDE for the build
  • Details of workspace structure
  • How can you contribute to the OpenJDK project?

If you are thinking of learning more about or using OpenJDK, look out for Vaibhav or Vikram.

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

FOSS.IN Featured Speaker: Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta, Technology Evangelist for Web Services and Web 2.0 Apps is speaking on "Packaging Java Applications for Ubuntu".

Arun Gupta is currently a Technology Evangelist for Web Services and Web 2.0 Apps at Sun. He was the spec lead for several APIs in the Java platform, committer in multiple Open Source projects, participated in standard bodies and contributed to Java EE and SE releases.

He is a prolific blogger. Check out this blog:

Why is Arun Gupta excited to be in FOSS.IN?

In his own words...Meeting Indian developers and eating Sambar/Dosa  :) Anyway, read his blog entry for more information:

FOSS.IN Countdown: 7 days to go

We just have seven days between now and the start of FOSS.IN. Sun engineers and volunteers are getting ready to attend the event. Sun plans to participate in several BoFs and Lightning Talks.

Lightning Talks are short, five minute talks/presentation on just about any topic, as long as they are related to FOSS. Birds-of-a-feather or BoF sessions will happen throughout the main conference, in semi-open tents equipped with wireless LAN, power and white boards. Topics will be free-form and impromptu.  Click here for more information on lightning talks, chill lounge, and BoFs.

Sun engineer Srinivasan Rengarajan has posted an entry on Project Mural. Arun Gupta is planning to post some entries to this blog as well. Already, 1430 people have registered for FOSS.IN. Click here for live delegate stats.

Saturday Nov 24, 2007

FOSS.IN Countdown: 8 days to go

The clock seems to be ticking really fast. No one can stop the excitement. Yes, just eight more days to go for one of the world's largest FOSS events to open. Over the next eight days, FOSS.IN featured speakers and leaders are going to tell us why they are looking forward to attend FOSS.IN.

Bookmark this page to catch all the FOSS.IN excitement. Meet the who's who of open source software right here, in this blog.


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