Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

Learning MySQL

We all know MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. As per wikipedia, MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) which has more than 11 million installations. The program runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases.

You can see a couple of enthusiasts (see picture) learn more about MySQL from the in-house expert, Thava.

Get rewarded for installing OpenSolaris

As a FOSS.IN attendee, you would not have missed OpenSolaris 2008.11 CD that is part of the delegate kit. It is time for you to experience OpenSolaris first hand. It is a "live CD"; so, you may install the OS only if you are satisfied with the experience. We are sure you will install OpenSolaris. Obviously, OpenSolaris is free and you are encouraged to pass on the CD so that lot more people benefit from the OS. Expect some goodies once you have OpenSolaris installed on your laptop. Bring your laptop that has OpenSolaris to the Sun stall and ask for your gift. How cool is this?

We are sure you will have a great experience with OpenSolaris. So go ahead and freak out.

Delegate kit for this geek meetup

If you are attending the event, make sure you collect your cool delegate kit. The delegate kit consists of a FOSS mug, open software stickers, and a couple of DVDs. Latest Sun software (including OpenSolaris) is part of the delegate kit. You get to pick a nice FOSS t-shirt too at just Rs. 100/- or $2. This is half the actual price. All this in an elegant cloth bag.

Talking about the "event FOSS" itself, it would be imprudent to call it a conference. FOSS is better classified as an informal geek meetup! The only thing fixed about the event is the agenda. If you have something to share, you can always call for a BoF (or Birds of a Feather) where you can talk to individuals with similar interest. If you want to show a demo of some technology/software and think some folks would be interested, you can call for a BoF by all means. Just use the charts at the corridor and indicate the demo name near the entrance of a BoF tent. As you can see, the event is quite informal. And that adds to the charm.

The weather in Bangalore today is the best that you could have asked for. It is chill and there is a light drizzle! Inside the campus, there are snacks to much and unlimited free wi-fi. What more do geeks want?

Workout leaders from Sun @ FOSS.IN

Here is the speaker list (rather, the workout leaders) from Sun. Check the FOSS.IN website for latest information.

Quoting Srinivas Alavilli:

"...many of you know 'workouts' are the thing this year at FOSS.IN. the idea is to work on specific project issues/new features (and specifically not 'low hanging fruit') with a bunch of folks who volunteer to participate (with a laptop) - ultimately to show real contribution"

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

FOSS.IN participation

If you have been at FOSS.IN last year, you would have noticed that the participation level this year is significantly less. This is intentional, as per Atul Chitnis (FOSS.IN organizer). This year, the emphasis is more on "workouts" where you can actually code, rather than sit through several lectures or demos. You learn more by coding and participating. Atul mentioned in his inaugural note that less crowd actually meant people could interact and network more. In turn this means, people can learn more from each other rather than from a lecture.

The success of FOSS.IN is not going to be measured in terms of how many people attended, but how much code we are able to create in the next five days.

Building our developer community

Come, join SDN!

Sun has a huge and growing developer community. We want more developers to benefit from Sun software and technologies. Welcome to Sun Developer Network (SDN). SDN enables you to access resources needed for your learning and application development. If you are not part of our developer network already, it is time to join. You are at once put in touch with senior and experienced developers. If you are around at FOSS.IN, you may walk in to our stall. We have an SDN registration desk there. The SDN registration desk is a constant feature in all Sun stalls - whether it be Tech Days, FOSS.IN, or any other technology event where Sun has a presence.

The Sun key chain

Unlock and understand Sun's hottest technologies at FOSS.IN 2008. How would you do that? It's simple! Use the Sun key chain. The brain child of FOSS volunteers, this is all set to become a rage at the event. The key chain is actually a series of cards tagged together. Each card has information on some Sun technology or link to Sun software or community. You are encouraged to walk in to the Sun stall and grab a key chain. It is everything you wanted to know about Sun, and you can actually take it away :-)

Welcome to FOSS.IN 2008

Quiet morning here at the IISc campus in Bangalore. Open source enthusiasts are lined up to attend the biggest free and open source (FOSS) event in this part of the world. Sun is a gold sponsor, and we have a dedicated stall. Passionate Sun engineers are gearing up to demo the latest Sun software. Here is a Link to FOSS.IN website.

Sunday Dec 09, 2007

The best of FOSS.IN 2007

Five days of brainstorming, discussion, presentations, demos, and lots of FUN. The best moments of FOSS.IN are captured in this video. I have added some background music too :-)

FOSS.IN 2007 might have ended, but the spirit of FOSS continues to live...


Saturday Dec 08, 2007

Live Blogging Day 5 or Day 1?

For many people in Bangalore, it is Day 1 (of the 5-day India Pakistan cricket match). But for those attending FOSS.IN, this is the closing day (Day 5).

Outside in Bangalore today...:-)



Mahipalsinh Rana


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