Friday Nov 28, 2008

Demo of Sun OpenStorage

If you would like a demo of Sun's latest OpenStorage solution, head straight to the Sun stall in FOSS.IN.

Sun Open Storage combines open-source software with industry-standard hardware, enabling you to reduce your reliance on high-priced systems and save up to 90% on storage costs. 

OpenStorage at a glance. Click here for more information.

  • Industry-standard hardware and open-source software deliver breakthrough economics
  • Provides the flexibility to scale, reconfigure, or repurpose your infrastructure
  • Enables developers to use free and open source OpenSolaris to build new applications
  • Deploys in Solaris, Linux, Microsoft, and VMware environments
  • Backed by Sun and the global support of the OpenSolaris Storage Community

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Sun demos @ FOSS

As a gold sponsor of FOSS.IN 2008, Sun has a stall to showcase our technologies and products. We want to demo our best-in-class open source products. The demos planned are: OpenSolaris/Virtual Box, NetBeans, GlassFish, WebStack/MySQL, and OpenStorage.

You are encouraged to visit our stall to get more information on the demos. Ask us questions and learn how to use the products. All the best. We had a stream of visitors this morning for our booth (see pictures).

Thursday Dec 06, 2007

Live Blogging Day 3: A hack center for OpenSolaris

Ok, great! You have installed OpenSolaris, but do you long to look at the code and start contributing? Why not try fixing a bug? Yes, Solaris engineers can help you. Here is an excellent blog entry on how to get started.

You should be at the FOSS.IN hack center NOW.

The FOSS.IN hack center 


OpenSolaris hackers at work


More OpenSolaris hackers at work 


Live Blogging Day 2: House Full - OpenSolaris Hackathon

FOSS.IN was formally inaugurated just an hour back, but the OpenSolaris hackathon scheduled at 3pm is already house full! A BoF on "The Great Indian DTrace Challenge" is currently underway.

Board displaying the "shows" planned today 


Atul Chitnis at the conference inauguration an hour back

Tuesday Dec 04, 2007

FOSS.IN Live Blogging Day 1: At the Sun booth

The Sun booth is located right at the entrance. The open source enthusiasts are right there - viewing the demos and getting to know how to participate in the hack center.

Of course, the enthusiasts also get to rub shoulders with Sun's open source stalwarts.


Seen below are participants checking out the schedule


Friday Nov 30, 2007

Featured Demo: Mural Data Quality

Look out for a demo on "Project Mural Data Quality" next week at FOSS.IN by Sun engineers Manish Bharani and Abhijeet Gupta.

This will demonstrate:

  • How to profile patterns in the data source?
  • How to cleanse anomalies in the data source?
  • Rules markup language for data quality
  • Getting started

Featured Demo: OpenESB

Watch Sun engineers Senthil Prabhu and Pavan Kumar do a demo of 'BPEL Web Service' next week at FOSS.IN.


BPEL SE features and the ease of creating BPEL web service with NetBeans will be demonstrated. 

FOSS.IN Featured Demo: Sun Grid

Watch Sun engineers Ravi Chandra Nallan and Prem Kumar demonstrate "Distributed web search using SGE and Apache Nutch/Lucene" next week in FOSS.IN.

This is a demo of features available in the Sun Grid Engine to perform a web crawl/ search using Nutch, an open source search engine.

Thursday Nov 29, 2007

Portal Demystified

"Portal" a simple term, well known, yet involves a broad range of feature-richness which results in a lot of curiosity generated around it. Here is an attempt to answer some of it at the upcoming FOSS.IN 2007. Check out the Portal booth by Sun engineers and delve deeper into understanding of what Portal comprises of, what portlets are, how to write portlets, and understand portlet execution environment.

It offers a host of demos, namely:

  1. Portlet Container
  2. Develop and Deploy your portlets using NetBeans PortalPack
  3. Web Services for Remote Portlets(WSRP,Going the SOA way)
  4. Check out some cool features around ajax, gadgets and portlets out of PortletRepository
And not just the execution features, it also offers various Enterprise Ready features:
  1. SAW(Workflow in Portals)
  2. Mirage(Content Management System in Portal)
  3. DesignView(How to design portal pages using most popular web design tools)

And all this on OpenSource. Check the  website for more details.

See you there!!!

Tuesday Nov 27, 2007

FOSS.IN Featured Demo: SOA/BI Data Integration

Look out for a demo on "Project Mural" by Sun engineers Nilesh Apte and Srinivasan Rengarajan.

You can learn the following from the demo:

  • Building mashups using jMaki and DataMashup
  • Capabilities of  "data integrator"
  • Anatomy of the Data Management Suite 
  • Getting started

Mahipalsinh Rana


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