Saturday Nov 29, 2008

Moments of FOSS.IN 2008

Key moments of FOSS.IN 2008 captured...

Friday Nov 28, 2008

Profiling GNOME using DTrace

Parthasarathi Susarla (a.k.a Partha) conducted a hugely successful 3-hour workout session on 'Profile GNOME using DTrace'. 

Here is more on the session from FOSS.IN website:

Gnome users quite frequently get to a point when they feel fail to see the Gnome perform and crumbling under its own weight. As developers a lot of us have attempted to profile Gnome (and its applications), mostly unsuccessfully. And even if we get to profiling an application, post-processing is a nightmare. In this work-out we intent to provide means to solve concrete performance problems. The work-out intends to result in a adding Dtrace probes to core gnome modules/libraries/applications such as glib/gtk. This would involve the coming together of Gnome developers and Dtrace contributors and users. The event will facilitate exchange of ideas/code between the Gnome Developers(from both Linux and Solaris) and Dtrace users. The workout will result in instrumenting Dtrace probes in Gnome.

Hear Partha share his experience on the workout:

Demo of Sun OpenStorage

If you would like a demo of Sun's latest OpenStorage solution, head straight to the Sun stall in FOSS.IN.

Sun Open Storage combines open-source software with industry-standard hardware, enabling you to reduce your reliance on high-priced systems and save up to 90% on storage costs. 

OpenStorage at a glance. Click here for more information.

  • Industry-standard hardware and open-source software deliver breakthrough economics
  • Provides the flexibility to scale, reconfigure, or repurpose your infrastructure
  • Enables developers to use free and open source OpenSolaris to build new applications
  • Deploys in Solaris, Linux, Microsoft, and VMware environments
  • Backed by Sun and the global support of the OpenSolaris Storage Community

Thursday Nov 27, 2008

Listen to FOSS.IN talks online

Worried you are not in Bangalore? Don't!

You can listen to FOSS.IN talks online. As per Atul Chitnis:

"Just point your media player at (or, and listen to the stream of all the talks. Check the schedule for what's being heard right now, and don't miss the WorkOut Wrapup every evening."

Project WebSynergy BoF

WebSynergy is Sun's next generation web aggregration and presentation platform. This platform includes developer tooling and an enterprise grade presentation runtime based on Liferay Portal Server, GlassFish v3, and MySQL. Click here for more information.

Sun organized a ebSynergy BoF. A BoF is an informal session dedicated to a particular topic or technology. Unlike planned workouts that are defined in the agenda, the BoFs are informal events and does not require any advanced planning. Just let the conference organizers know, occupy a BoF "tent", and get going. Those coming to the Sun stall are directed to the BoF tent by a simple white board announcement.

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

Learning MySQL

We all know MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. As per wikipedia, MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) which has more than 11 million installations. The program runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases.

You can see a couple of enthusiasts (see picture) learn more about MySQL from the in-house expert, Thava.

Get rewarded for installing OpenSolaris

As a FOSS.IN attendee, you would not have missed OpenSolaris 2008.11 CD that is part of the delegate kit. It is time for you to experience OpenSolaris first hand. It is a "live CD"; so, you may install the OS only if you are satisfied with the experience. We are sure you will install OpenSolaris. Obviously, OpenSolaris is free and you are encouraged to pass on the CD so that lot more people benefit from the OS. Expect some goodies once you have OpenSolaris installed on your laptop. Bring your laptop that has OpenSolaris to the Sun stall and ask for your gift. How cool is this?

We are sure you will have a great experience with OpenSolaris. So go ahead and freak out.

Delegate kit for this geek meetup

If you are attending the event, make sure you collect your cool delegate kit. The delegate kit consists of a FOSS mug, open software stickers, and a couple of DVDs. Latest Sun software (including OpenSolaris) is part of the delegate kit. You get to pick a nice FOSS t-shirt too at just Rs. 100/- or $2. This is half the actual price. All this in an elegant cloth bag.

Talking about the "event FOSS" itself, it would be imprudent to call it a conference. FOSS is better classified as an informal geek meetup! The only thing fixed about the event is the agenda. If you have something to share, you can always call for a BoF (or Birds of a Feather) where you can talk to individuals with similar interest. If you want to show a demo of some technology/software and think some folks would be interested, you can call for a BoF by all means. Just use the charts at the corridor and indicate the demo name near the entrance of a BoF tent. As you can see, the event is quite informal. And that adds to the charm.

The weather in Bangalore today is the best that you could have asked for. It is chill and there is a light drizzle! Inside the campus, there are snacks to much and unlimited free wi-fi. What more do geeks want?

Workout leaders from Sun @ FOSS.IN

Here is the speaker list (rather, the workout leaders) from Sun. Check the FOSS.IN website for latest information.

Quoting Srinivas Alavilli:

"...many of you know 'workouts' are the thing this year at FOSS.IN. the idea is to work on specific project issues/new features (and specifically not 'low hanging fruit') with a bunch of folks who volunteer to participate (with a laptop) - ultimately to show real contribution"

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Sun demos @ FOSS

As a gold sponsor of FOSS.IN 2008, Sun has a stall to showcase our technologies and products. We want to demo our best-in-class open source products. The demos planned are: OpenSolaris/Virtual Box, NetBeans, GlassFish, WebStack/MySQL, and OpenStorage.

You are encouraged to visit our stall to get more information on the demos. Ask us questions and learn how to use the products. All the best. We had a stream of visitors this morning for our booth (see pictures).


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