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Top Restaurant Management Trends for 2020

Dave Galante
Senior Director, F&B Solutions Management, Oracle

This last decade featured countless food and restaurant trends from avocado on everything, milk from just about anything, and all things pumpkin spice. There are some trends, like the boom of food delivery, that’ll follow us into the new decade while others fade away.

But where exactly are we headed in the new year? What will be the big trends and how will they shape our restaurants?

To answer these questions, I did a little research of my own, collating the common themes into my top 3 restaurant trends for 2020.

1.    Continued Innovation in Restaurant Operations

According to this year’s restaurant trend predictions, technology will not only be at the forefront to drive food delivery demand but will help restaurateurs retain, engage and better manage their talented workforce. Some predictions even go as far as suggesting that 2020 will be the year people get truly savvy with their technology – no more one system for this, one system for that, but operating a fully integrated restaurant POS system that enhances the guest and employee experience.

If we are to talk about continued innovation in 2020, we cannot fail to mention what is happening in the food delivery space. Getting into food delivery has never been easier, thanks to the adoption of restaurant management technologies, dark kitchens (or cloud kitchens), and integrations with aggregator apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats. However, as technologies become standardized, it is only a matter of time before another innovation sweeps the nation. We are excited to see where this new year will take us on the delivery front.

2.    The Rise of Ethical Eating

Offering vegetarian or even vegan dishes is nothing new in the food industry. Delivering such food has been on our radar for a while now, especially with its rising popularity - Deliveroo reported vegan orders have increased by 330% since 2017. However, according to predictions, we are about to witness another level of consumer consciousness in the new decade surrounding topics ranging from more adventurous kids menus to zero-waste cooking and "locavore" eating (A new phrase coined for diets focused on consuming dishes made from locally grown ingredients.). This increased consciousness is expected to be so widespread that we’re being cautioned at the Nation’s Restaurant News’s annual MUFSO conference not to underestimate the ‘flexitarian’ movement – where consumers are no longer viewing themselves as meat-eaters, veggies or vegans but a mixture of them all and interested in a more varied and ‘flexible’ diet.

3.    Increased Restaurant Experience Shareability

The “shareability” of a restaurant experience through word-of-mouth (WOM) or

eWOM has always been the most effective way to organically grow – or decimate – your restaurant traffic. It is human nature to want to share our experiences, good or bad, and with social media embedded in our day-to-day lives, it has never been easier to influence brand perception by tagging locations, restaurants or brands in our posts. During the past year, we have all seen countless videos of exceptional restaurant experiences – posted by friends, family, or influential figures – that leave us itching to try out a new eatery. And we’ve likely seen just as many shocking videos/posts of “brands behaving badly,” mainly due to unprofessional service experiences. According to research, 2020 is the year for restaurants to focus on the shareability of their experiences, training staff to deliver exceptional and unique experiences as well as investing in the infrastructure to allow them to do so.

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