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Three Tips for Hiring Seasonal Restaurant Employees

Daniel Schaefer
Solution Manager, Food & Beverage

There are periods of the year when your permanent staff will feel the strain of the increased customer traffic. No matter how hard they’re working, they’ll need a few extra hands to help ride out seasonal waves such as the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Which makes now as good a time as any to find some amazing temporary help. Here are a few tips to help recruit the best:

1. Creating an engaging job description

The first step is drafting a job description that excites and intrigues potential candidates about the opportunity to work for you. Keep it short and sweet with bullet points listing their responsibilities along with their expected working hours. Provide additional information about benefits and exciting future opportunities. Try to open for applications within at least two months of the closing date. Use job sites, word of mouth and, most importantly, social media to promote your opening.

2. Selecting the right employee

Choosing the right person among a short list of worthy candidates requires serious consideration. You need to think about how they will fit in with your current team and whether they can make a positive difference to your business. Someone may have plenty of relevant work experience, but if they are not a good team player they could cause more harm than good.

Unfortunately, the restaurant industry is plagued by a high, employee-turnover rate. Making the right hire the first time around could save your business significant time and money.

3. Providing staff with appropriate training

To get your new employees up and running, you must provide them with adequate training. Although they may only be with you for a short duration, they will still be undertaking the same tasks as your permanent staff and require the same level of training. Your customers expect all employees to provide them with the best possible service and perform equally well; they won’t make distinctions between seasonal and permanent employees. If guests have a poor dining experience, regardless of who serves them, they’ll have the same negative reaction. Don’t let temporary staff yield a permanent loss of business. 

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