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New Year’s (re)SOLUTIONS: The Top 5 Restaurant POS Features You Need

Nick Low
Principal Solution Manager, F&B

Finding the perfect restaurant POS system for your business can be difficult. And with the rapid pace of technological advances, it is important to invest in a point-of-sale system that will stand the test of time. No more “New year, new system.”

It’s time to end that cycle.

For that reason, I’m sharing my New Year’s SOLUTIONs – listing the top-5 restaurant POS features your restaurant needs heading into the next decade:

1. Integration = Innovation

It’s a well-known fact that guests are looking for restaurants to provide new and engaging dining experiences. And to satisfy them, food and beverage operators are increasingly adopting new technologies to drive innovation. However, without an open-platform POS system capable of integrating exciting third-party technologies, how can your restaurant possibly keep pace?

If embracing innovation is a top priority, partner with a POS provider who shares your vision and has the necessary capabilities to ensure straightforward and efficient integrations.

2. Real-time restaurant reporting

If you can get real-time sports alerts to your mobile device, why shouldn’t you be able to get real-time restaurant alerts for your sites?

It’s time you were able to access restaurant analytics and actionable-data on the go, enabling performance evaluation, measurement of success, and critical decision making from anywhere, anytime. Such capabilities should be a given, regardless of the size of your organization.

3. Next-level restaurant inventory control

34% of restaurants spend 2-3 hours a week simply managing stock. It’s time to stop wasting precious resources on such tasks and invest in restaurant inventory management software that tracks stock, links recipes, and improves order efficiency. Streamline managerial work by automating inventory systems, and free staff to concentrate on what they do best: Cater to guests and deliver exceptional restaurant service.

4. Cost-effective scheduling of restaurant staff

Boost profitability in the new year with restaurant scheduling software. It empowers managers, supports self-sufficiency, and leverages historical data to generate profitable scheduling forecasts. All this is achieved by using real-time updates to proactively control labor costs and making data-driven operational decisions.

5. Restaurant POS hardware that can take the heat

Ensure that workstations not only look the part but play their part, too. All too frequently, restaurants invest in workstations that simply can’t take the heat of the kitchen. It’s essential to select a resilient POS. It’s also time to increase service efficiency, redefine the guest experience, and look good doing it. Introduce self-service kiosks or use tablet technology to cater to customers where they are and optimize service space.

Make your restaurant resolutions a reality this year by talking to one of our experts. Learn more about getting the most out of Oracle MICROS POS platforms and discover how our Oracle MICROS Simphony POS Systems for Restaurants can unlock endless possibilities.

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