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Robots Integrated with the Restaurant POS by 2025?

When I think about robots in restaurants, I tend to picture R2-D2 bumping into tables and running out of power with my pizza.

But there are numerous of ways in which food service establishments are using robotics now, or could be in future, to manage labor costs and improve efficiency if integrated with the restaurant POS. In our Restaurant 2025 report, we surveyed both consumers and operators to find out whether they have an appetite for robots and when we might expect to see robotics entering the mainstream of food service.

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  1. Robots Serving Guests?

49% of the operators that we spoke to thought that robots greeting guests was an appealing concept, with 29% saying it would improve the guest experience.

However, consumers weren’t so sure. 38% said they’d actually visit a restaurant less often if it started using robots to greet guests. Only 10% seemed to suggest that it would be an actual draw to bring them in more often.

  1. Robots Cleaning Restaurants?

The use of robots behind the scenes got the operators more excited. 64% of operators told us that the idea of robots doing the cleaning was appealing to them.

         3. Food Preparation

Restaurants where robots flip the burgers already exist today, and our research showed that 49% of operators liked the idea of using robotics for food preparation.

  1. Food Quality Checking

47% of operators liked the idea of robots doing quality control on food before it left the kitchen.

Operators were asked two other questions, which cast an interesting light on the possible uptake of robotics:

  1. When asked what was stopping them from implementing robotic technology with restaurant POS, cost was the main reason in every scenario, followed by staff adoption.
  2. 23% of the operators indicated that there were certain emerging technologies that they would absolutely not allow in their restaurants – robots came out top of that list, with nearly half (44%) of that 23% saying they would not entertain their use.

Download the Restaurant 2025 report if you would like to read more about other emerging technologies that will impact on the food and beverage industry; artificial intelligence, biometrics, facial recognition, 3D imaging, voice activation, wearable technology, virtual reality, drones, and 3D printing.

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