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Restaurant 2025: the future of food service technology integrated with restaurant POS

Artificial intelligence, biometrics, facial recognition, 3D imaging, robotics, voice activation, wearable technology, virtual reality, drones, and 3D printing. These are just some of the emerging technologies that could be having a significant impact on the food and beverage industry over the next few years.

But which of these technologies are most appealing to consumers and to restaurant operators? Which will we be seeing in restaurants first? In our Restaurant 2025 report, we surveyed both consumers and operators so that we could test their appetites for these concepts.

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Here are some of the top findings:

  1. Restaurants using facial/biometric recognition integrated with restaurant POS
  • 78% of consumers said that being recognised via facial or biometric data in a restaurant and receiving personalised treatment would improve their experience, or at least they’d like the option – the swift delivery of the first round of drinks based on being recognised was one key benefit
  • Only 42% of restaurant operators thought that guest recognition by facial or biometrics would be mainstream by 2025, however
  1. Restaurant using drones integrated with restaurant POS
  • 48% of restaurant operators thought that drones would be in mainstream use for delivery to guests’ homes by 2025
  • 62% of consumers said that drones for home delivery would improve their experience, or they’d at least like the option. But 38% said they’d find it invasive.
  1. Restaurants using wearable technology integrated with restaurant POS
  • 66% of operators thought that guests ordering and paying by wearable technology would be in mainstream use by 2025. 59% of consumers agreed that it would improve their experience, or they’d like the option.
  • 62% of operators thought restaurant staff would be checking in via wearables by 2025, while 52% could see staff activity monitoring via wearable being mainstream by then.

Download the report for more on artificial intelligence and robotics and other technologies.

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