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  • August 7, 2012

Preventing Poor Service with Alert Manager

Guest Author

By: Peter Goodwin, Restaurant Operations Strategy Expert

How many times do we hear (or have uttered) these words; "well that was a bad service"? While we have all lived them, they’re not fun to be part of; for our customers or for our staff.

On reflection, it's often simple to pinpoint where it all started to go pear shaped. And, most times you find that it was not just one thing, but rather a combination of mitigating events that built up and overwhelmed the service team. Whilst the supervisor was dealing with one these events, the watchful eye over service was removed and minor events that would normally be flagged before becoming a problem went unnoticed.

We like to think that our supervisors can deal with multiple issues at one time. After all, is it not that multi-tasking ability which makes a good floor supervisor? But of course no one is perfect, and every now and then an overload can occur where even the best supervisor could take their eye off the ball.

This is why your operation needs good procedures in place to keep the service team focused on all those little components that go together to ensure the overall delivery of service is of high quality. An automated POS system that alerts your service staff to potential issues before they develop ensures that the individual remains on task even when the supervisor is occupied with other matters.

Oracle Hospitality Alert Manager is a tool that keeps service and all its components at the forefront of the team’s attention, by alerting them to things that are not as they should be. These components might include:

  • Orders taking too long to be prepped
  • Table turn times extending past normal standard
  • Voids above certain values
  • Out of stock items

Alert Manager is tailored to the service standards of each operation. The areas covered by Alert Manager are:

  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Labour Controls
  • Loss Prevention
  • Point of Sale
  • Operating Systems
  • Table Management

Depending on the demands of the business and the systems in place, alerts can be sent to:

  • POS workstations
  • J-Tech pagers
  • STMP – Email services

It is also possible to set up different alerts to different categories of employees. For example an alert to let everyone know that a VIP has been seated. Whereas an alert only to the manger to advise that too many voids are being carried out. Or perhaps an alert based on the sale of alcoholic beverages that notifies when a table of 3 has had more than 6 alcoholic drinks - just so you can keep an eye on them.

Every operation is different and alerts that might be important to one operation may not be a priority for another. Rather than having fixed alerts, Oracle Hospitality Alert Manager offers many variables for configuration. Of course you also don't want to go overboard and have alerts going off for every little thing, so start with just a few vital ones and then work with your service team to tailor these alerts to specific operational requirements.

Alert Manger can also be great when you have new, less experienced floor managers on duty. A tool to help them become great floor managers and keep your business running smoothly and your guest service experience at the highest level.

If you need more details on the capabilities of Alert Manager, contact your Oracle Hospitality Account Manager for a white paper. Learn more about table service POS here.

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