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  • November 4, 2019

Is A Placement Year at Oracle Food And Beverage For You?

Evie Frith
Marketing Specialist

If you are debating your next step or just curious as to what life is like as an intern at one of the world’s largest technology companies, then I’m here to shed a little light and share my experiences during the past 12 months at Oracle Food and Beverage.

When applying for internships last autumn I had no idea where I would be or what my placement year would look like. I had hopes for the year to come but also had heard mixed reviews about placements. Some people enjoyed the best year ever, gaining tons of experience and learning loads – and others felt like the most they had learned was how to make people a good cup of tea or coffee.

But from my experience, I can guarantee any future OFB intern that you truly will be a member of the team! No ‘intern’ status here; you will be involved in so much – from global conference calls to social media and content creation to video shoots and international events. You’ll even get the opportunity to run some of your own campaigns. There will be no time for you to be doing the office coffee run!

My placement year highlights

If I was to reel off all my placement highlights we would be here all day, and this blog post would look more like an essay. So, here are three highlights that I believe best sum up what to look for in a placement:

1. A supportive team

Transitioning from university to a full-time job in a career path you’re still learning about can be daunting. It’s important to be surrounded by great team members who not only respect you enough to listen to you and your ideas, but also believe in you and your abilities to allow you to run your own campaigns – or even fly around Europe to support events. I was never short of colleagues – either within the marketing team or the broader OFB organization – who offered to help or encourage me in whatever I was doing.

2. A full schedule

You might not expect to hear “keeping busy” was a highlight, but there is nothing worse for an intern than not having anything to do or being lumped with boring administrative tasks. The point of an internship is to learn, gain experience and get involved in as much as possible to broaden your skills and get to grips with what it really means to have a job in your field. Having a well-designed internship and a manager/team that want their interns to participate in interesting projects is exactly what you want.

4. A role with lots of variety

For my placement year, it was important for me to try many different things, understand what I like and don’t like, and learn as much as possible about different career options and pathways. I hoped to finish my placement knowing more about what I wanted from my career after university – and the areas I needed to focus on to get where I want to be. That’s one of the reasons I’m grateful that my role at OFB was varied. Most days looked different, so when the new interns came onboard in July and asked me ‘what a typical day looked like’ it was difficult to give them a straight answer. Some days, I worked on events or campaigns, other days, product shoots or social media content. Sometimes, I traveled or designed graphics, and near the end, I worked with our recruiter to find the best candidates for the next group of interns.

My year at Oracle was exactly what I wanted from a placement and more: tons of new experiences, a great intern community and an amazingly supportive team. If that sounds about right to you, then why not apply for next year’s cohort?

Follow the link to apply.

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