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How Many Hot Dogs Will Be Sold at the World Cup? | Stadium POS

The FIFA World Cup is a global extravaganza, and the numbers prove it: 12 stadiums, 32 teams, 65 matches, 736 players, 2.4 million tickets sold and 3 billion spectators worldwide.

My favourite World Cup statistic so far? 100,000 crayfish have been sent to Russia to meet the demand of Chinese fans, according to the South China Morning Post. It’s all the more fascinating when you consider that China isn’t even playing.

The data via the stadium POS will be especially important to the food and beverage managers within the stadiums. If your venue is hosting five games and each has a capacity of 50,000, and half of the fans who attend buy a hotdog, then you’re going to need an awful lot of buns. On that basis, by my calculations, a total of 1,624,924 hotdogs will be sold across all matches at the World Cup this year.

But rough approximations are just that – rough. And they don’t allow you to change the outcome in your favour; they just tell you what might happen.

Oracle Food and Beverage, however, helps stadium operators effectively use data to their advantage:

  • Data Science - Our Data Science services are driven by expert analysts using the latest machine learning technologies. They work in two ways:
    • Data Science allows F&B operations directors to look for patterns in fan behavior. If hotdogs sell well with coffee for an early kick-off, for example, but fans prefer to couple them with a cold drink later on, Oracle Data Science will not only spot that trend, but will serve it up live on the stadium POS so that your staff know to make the right cross-sell. It can deliver extra revenue, and it’s easier than trying to train a lot of concession staff to do one thing at 12 pm and something else at 7pm.
    • Data Science offers forecasting capabilities. If you approximate that you’re going to sell 125,000 hotdogs and you actually only sell 60,000, you’re left with a lot of buns and a lot of waste. Data Science can help you pinpoint exactly what you need, thus generating significant savings. Read more about Data Science.
  • InMotion mobile reporting – Thanks to our InMotion mobile app and its integration with the stadium POS, food and beverage managers can see exactly what is selling across the stadium in real-time on their mobile phones. If one concession seems to be selling less than the others, managers can go investigate why – no need to wait until they can view their reports on their PC, by which time it’s too late. What’s selling, where is it selling, who’s selling it – the answers to these key questions are available at the swipe of a screen that you have in your pocket. Read more about InMotion.
  • Inventory Management - We understand the importance of being able to tightly manage your food and beverage inventory. It starts way before fans begin purchasing the 1.6 million hotdogs. Simphony Venue Management helps to control food costs by enabling you to track inventory from receipt to transaction. The system offers numerous features to help you keep your stands properly stocked, which helps prevent any missed revenue opportunities due to unavailable items and makes your concessions operations more efficient. Read more about Simphony Venue Management.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Once the game is over, our powerful Reporting and Analytics solution allows managers to dig deeper because of its integration with the stadium POS They can see if a concession has been under-performing at every event or just in isolated situations. They can evaluate if one member of the staff is slower than the rest or if sub-standard performance is a collective issue that requires review of the concession layout. Issues can be identified and fixed, resulting in sales increases at the next game. Read more about Reporting and Analytics.

The challenge for football stadium food and beverage managers is capitalizing on the 3 hours they have to serve 45,000 fans, who are spending half that time watching the action. Knowing what to sell them and maximizing sales opportunities efficiently depend on access to great data. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

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