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3 Fun takeout ideas for safely enjoying game day from home

Amber Leith
Head of Global Marketing

The start of the new year has many sports fans looking ahead to major events across the sports and entertainment spectrum and (hopefully) the start of various seasons. Superbowl Sunday, March Madness, and baseball season are all just around the corner and fans are excited for their return.

How we watch and participate in sports certainly varies from season ticket holders that never miss a home game to dedicated fans that love to get out to their local bar and grill with friends and family, to the connected couch fan that’s happy to watch all the action from the comfort of their home. While many of us won’t be able to enjoy the game in the stadium or at our favorite pub, you can still help them recreate the vibe at home with smart packaging and marketing. And if our holiday research indicates the appetite for celebrations of all forms, there’s big demand.

Package up game day favorites online

For some us, gameday just isn’t the same without chips and guacamole from our local bar and grill. With online ordering and curbside delivery, your customers can go directly to your website and place an order for all their gameday favorites. Couple the experience with location-aware technology for pick up and you’ll hit a homerun.

Need a simple solution with your existing technology stack? Brothers Bar and Grill, have taken it one step further by allowing customers to schedule their pick-up in advance. This gives customers the flexibility to plan their gameday celebrations in advance and the restaurant ample time to handle multiple orders and foot traffic flow.

Deliver the next round

If you’re a purveyor of artisan cocktails or microbrews create a promotion that bundles in beverages. Not only is this attractive to consumers because they get the full range of flavors and experiences from their favorite local haunt, it’s also good for business given the margins on beverages compared to food only.

Businesses like Glory Days Grill are adding cocktail options to their online ordering and curbside delivery. Customers can place orders for their favorite drinks right alongside their food order and enjoy a full gameday grill experience from the comfort of their couch. Keep in mind, game days are also popular family days so alongside your adult beverages you consider something appropriate for household members under 21. Our holiday research for example uncovered households with families were the most likely to favor a pre-made/catered meal (32%) or meal-kit (38%).

Help customers share the love with friends through gift cards

Keeping social circles small means celebrating from afar, via Zoom or otherwise. Offering gift cards for your specific promotions is a great way to let customers show their fellow superfans they’re thinking about them.

Restaurants like Market Street Public House offer a variety of gift card options that customers can order directly online. Gift cards are delivered directly to customers and can be used to place online orders. This means you and your buddies can still enjoy your favorite foods together while you watch the game over Zoom.