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Five Must-Have Restaurant Point-of-Sale Peripherals

Oana Busuioceanu
Manager F&B Solution Engineering, FBGBU

Like a keyboard to your computer or Air Pods to your iPhone, peripheral devices help you get the most out of your core technology. Our peripheral devices are no different, bringing increased functionality to your restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) system. We offer more than 1,000 add-on options to support the number of ways a restaurant can take advantage of technology to gain better efficiencies across their business. While your POS platform makes it easier to deliver high-quality food and service, we’ve highlighted the top five peripheral devices that can have the greatest impact on improving the customer experience and restaurant operations.

Here is our list of the five must-have restaurant point-of-sale peripheral devices:

1) Cash Drawers

The cash drawer is one of the most important extensions of your restaurant POS platform because it’s where you store your money, receipts, checks, and other paperwork. Your cash drawer must be compatible with your POS system, so they operate as one unit. When tightly integrated, the POS platform will signal to the drawer when it needs to open so staff members can access the contents without adding another step to their process. Cash drawers must also be durable to withstand the daily wear and tear of the restaurant environment and the number of repeated times it is opened and closed during its lifetime.  View the Oracle MICROS POS cash drawer selection here.

2) POS Customer Display

The customer-facing display offers a modern interface that gives you another way to improve the transaction experience. This lighted display faces the customer so that they can see what’s being scanned, the total price of their purchase, discounts and taxes in real-time. It’s a versatile, customizable screen that creates an interactive exchange between your staff and your customers. This feature allows your customers to see their order as it’s entered into the POS system, so they are assured that the price matches what they have agreed to pay. This level of transparency gives your customers more control when making their purchases. View the Oracle MICROS POS customer display selection here (search customer display).

3) POS Scanner

If you run a quick-service restaurant with scannable inventory, a barcode scanner will be an indispensable component of your POS platform. With the integrated scanner, you can capture the barcode information of an item, including price, description, etc., and it is automatically sent to the POS software where the data is aggregated and organized so you can use it for future planning. Easy as one, two, three! View the Oracle MICROS POS scanner selection here.

4) Digital POS Scales

If you own a restaurant where you sell items by weight, then you will need a scale integrated into your POS platform. Digital scales are specifically designed for use with POS systems. Our devices come with connecting ports so that you can easily get started with an integrated POS platform and a digital scale. There are three primary types of scales used with POS: barcode printing scales, in-counter scanner scales, and standard standalone scales. View the Oracle MICROS POS scale selection here (search “scale”).

5) POS Printers

Receipt printers are an essential part of your POS solution. Thermal printers are the most popular and are a great choice for a fast-paced, inexpensive printing. Thermal receipt printers cost more initially but are faster and quieter and produce a long-lasting quality printed image – and will be worth the investment in the long run.  View the Oracle MICROS POS printer selection here.

All of our peripheral offerings are tested and certified within our restaurant POS platform. We have top tier suppliers, consistent supply, and the long lifecycle of our products gives you the confidence that you can depend on our devices to work when you need them most.

Interested in learning more about Oracle MICROS restaurant POS peripherals? Contact a sales representative today, visit our website, and follow us on all of our socials: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

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