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Five Benefits of Cloud-Based Restaurant POS Systems

Robert Gibson
GVP Strategic and SMB North America, Oracle Food and Beverage

Five reasons why the cloud is right for your restaurant POS system

You’ve chosen your restaurant name. You’ve found the ideal location. You’ve devised the perfect menu. The fixtures and fittings are all on order. What next? Your mind turns to technology. You are going to need a point-of-sale system for your restaurant. So where do you begin?

The answer is simple: In the cloud.

Every modern restaurant needs a cloud point-of-sale system, and here are just a few reasons why:

Cloud lowers IT costs

No onsite servers needed. No call out charges when the server goes down. No consultants visiting to install the latest versions of software. All these scenarios are taken care of in the cloud. This allows money to be reallocated elsewhere. This might be opening more locations, refurbishing existing premises, branding, marketing, staff training – whatever makes your business more competitive.

Cloud minimizes complexity

Cloud-based restaurant POS systems are designed to be plugged in, switched on and connected at the touch of a button. By removing the need for servers on each site, you’re not only saving money on the hardware itself – you’re reducing the cost of maintenance. With traditional on-premise systems, upgrades involve sending a consultant to each location, which explains why roll-out programs often take weeks or months. With cloud, a system upgrade can be done centrally, once. Less money is needed upfront for hardware, and less money is needed for ongoing support, freeing funds to be reallocated to support other business priorities.

Cloud enhances speed and agility

The food and beverage industry moves fast. You need to be able to bring new ideas to market within days, not weeks or months. It’s also important to identify and remedy underperformers, whether it’s an item on the menu or a promotion. Cloud technology allows you to execute your ideas much faster and more effectively.

Cloud opens new revenue streams

If you’re looking to broaden your customer base and increase revenues without expanding the size of your premises, then there is huge potential in off-premises ordering. With the power of the cloud, orders that are placed through mobile POS devices or desktop PCs can be sent directly into your existing systems for fulfillment. There’s no need for separate channels for web or mobile orders, which means fewer headaches for your IT team or onsite staff as systems remain simple and streamlined. Cloud-based restaurant POS solutions also maximize the profit potential and help ensure that customers receive a consistent brand experience.

Cloud POS analytics helps glean insights from data for better decision making  

How much revenue did your newest location make this lunchtime compared to forecast? How many of your guests are using discounts or promotions? Which locations have the best sales per employee? All this information and more should be available to help you make better business decisions. But if you’re running different systems in different locations or countries, it becomes difficult to pull such data together. But with a cloud-based restaurant POS reporting service, data from every location is instantly available in real time, allowing you to see exactly what is happening across the enterprise at any given moment. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports can be delivered accurately within seconds rather than days. Cloud also ensures that this data is accessible whenever and however you need it, whether from a desktop PC or a mobile app on a smartphone.

If you’re looking for a cloud solution to take your food and beverage enterprise forward, then look no further than Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud. To discover the many other reasons why a cloud point-of-sale system is right for your restaurant, please view  The Power of Cloud for Food and Beverage Operators: What Every F&B Executive Needs to know now.

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