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Fine-tune your promotion strategy and improve engagement with customers and prospects

Amber Trendell
Global Head of Marketing, Oracle Food and Beverage

The challenges our customers are facing are broad and deep. To address the myriad of topics we know are top of mind for our industry, we are pulling together a curated selection of information across the Oracle ecosystem to help you tackle everything from marketing and customer experience to human capital management. Today’s concepts are based on a post by Vinay Iyer, Oracle CX Industry Solution Architect. View the original post here.

According to Forbes and others, over 70% of companies have not achieved the transformational benefits they had hoped for despite collectively investing over $1.3 trillion in digital projects. Iyer suggests that the right strategy is not dependent on deploying “a new piece of technology isolated from an underlying business process that you must manage, but that companies need to go ‘Deep-Digital’ which means new channels and interaction paradigms must connect with other systems that solve a customer need.”

Right now, consumers are spending significant hours online which means a strong digital presence is essential to continue reaching and engaging customers and prospects. Fine-tuning your promotional targeting across web and social will ensure you are reaching the right customers and prospects. For example, optimizing your website and appearing high in Google search results helps local customers access your current offers and menu quickly. But that is really just step one. As Iyer notes, there is an opportunity to go beyond the basics to get even deeper with your digital strategy. With the continued rise in online ordering systems for restaurants and app-based ordering, these concepts are more important to the food and beverage industry than ever. Here are two examples:

Improving menu discovery with real-time retargeting

With significant increases in time spent online, there is tremendous opportunity to read signals, identify intent, and engage in the moment. For example, if a potential customer looks for, “Italian takeout near me” on Facebook or Google, the top search results will more than likely be for brands that have optimized for that specific long-tail key term. Adjacent categories however can also capitalize on this traffic by capturing the intent, identifying with the specific consumer, and delivering a series of promotions that are related. For instance, if I am looking for Italian takeout, I may also be interested in Italian bakeries, pizza takeout, Italian meal kits, and so on. Marketers can take this concept a step further by targeting based on previous engagement and demographics. If your site is not optimized well for mobile, you can specify with the advertising platform, e.g., Facebook, to only run on desktop.

Delivering on your brand promise: now more important than ever

Consumer satisfaction is always of paramount importance, but now more than ever, loyal customers are keeping restaurants afloat. It’s infinitely more expensive to find new customers, and the competition is fierce. Once you land a new customer, whether the purchase is through your mobile app, on Instagram or Facebook, connecting that order to your restaurant POS system and delivery channel is critical. That data can then be used to better understand that customer and how to engage them digitally moving forward. For example, understanding what they typically order and when and tacking on a perk to reward their loyalty and keep them coming back – “You order the wings, we’ll throw in the fries!”

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