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Could Driverless Cars Revolutionize Restaurant POS?

Evie Frith
Marketing Specialist

The average American drives 29.2 miles a day, with a total duration of 46 minutes spent on the road. That’s 5.5 hours per week, per American, spent focused on the road and getting from A to B.

So what would happen if all of those hours suddenly became leisure time? If driverless cars become the norm, drivers will have more time on their hands to do what most of them do during their downtime: look at their phones.

This was the point made by Nick Low, our POS Solutions Director, during his Future of POS presentation at FSTEC. The restaurant industry often looks at the potential of driverless cars to facilitate deliveries but the true opportunity could lie in being able to target passengers who are moving from A to B and need a place to stop for coffee or lunch or dinner.

Watch the video.

He talks about how restaurant point of sale has evolved enormously from its original intent of removing the complexity out of ‘adding’. Its ability now to manage kitchens, run reservations, track wait lists and integrate into all sorts of systems takes its functionality far beyond where we have ever seen it go before.

As a result, POS accumulates countless amounts of data; knowing the relationships, rules, serving periods, buying behaviours, and addresses linking back to years of transaction history.

Being able to access this data will be critically important to restaurant operators who can use it to advance and develop their businesses to provide a more guest-centric experience in future.

Hear Nick Low talk more on this topic watch the video.

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