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Best of Outdoor Dining: Summer 2020

Amber Leith
Head of Global Marketing

Restaurants are more than just food – they’re family, an experience, a place where the community comes together. Over the past few months we’ve seen restaurateurs and city zoning boards flex their creative muscles to expand capacity, maintain safe distance and ensure free airflow by extending beyond the restaurant’s traditional four walls. Al fresco options have taken shape in several forms -- from redesigning existing outdoor seating areas, to setting up tents in parking lots, and blocking off streets to motor traffic.

As summer comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the creativity shown by restaurateurs and the city planners and the communities that supported them by showing up and dining out. Here are a handful of our favorite snaps from summer 2020:


Dual purpose for kegs! A delicious beverage and a makeshift barrier… Enjoying a beautiful evening stroll down 4th Street in San Rafael, California.

Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, corn dogs, and chili? Yes, please. Devoured al fresco at Wienerschnitzel Premium Hot Dogs, USA.

The tiniest seafood fans enjoy the fresh air while they await their fish dinner at Legal C Bar (part of Legal Seafoods) in Lynnfield, MA, USA.

Stylish Oracle Food and Beverage sales executive, Rachel Daly, poses pre-pancake at a posh outdoor brunch destination in the UK.

¡Salud! Ending the day with a delicious margarita outside at Portales del Cielo in Jalisco, Mexico.

As the days shorten and evenings get cooler, restaurant operators are beginning to look at how they can maintain efficient off-premises operations. Restaurant point-of-sale systems designed to handle harsher weather conditions, like the MICROS Tablet 700 series, rank high with businesses that may not have a drive-thru option but need to deliver food and take payment from customers curbside. Walk-up order and pay options are also a smart approach for businesses that don’t have the real estate to offer curbside, as we see in city centers for example. Customers like Panini Internationale have been offering kiosk order, pay, and contactless pick-up since before the pandemic, and attribute the self-service model to better speed of service and customer satisfaction.

The bottom line is every business is different, and needs to consider customer preferences, environmental parameters and business priorities. Our complimentary Restaurant Rebound Assessment considers key business inputs and models multiple cashflow scenarios, based on an optimal mix of on-premises and off-premises sales, inventory, and labor costs. Customers interested in taking advantage of this opportunity can connect with us directly by phone: US: +1 866-287-4736; UK: +44 207 5626 827; AU: 1300 366 386; LAD: 52 559 178 3146) | chat | or request a call back.

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