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5 Vital POS Printer Advantages for Smooth Restaurant and Kitchen Operations

Mark Gillooly
Business Development Manager, Epson America Inc.
Restaurants are continually looking for ways to grow revenues and offer an improved experience to keep visitors coming back. POS receipt printers play a crucial part to make that happen. They need to work seamlessly alongside a restaurant POS to help improve order accuracy and have to be able to step up the pace of restaurant servers for a smooth dining experience that will keep loyal customers coming back for more.

Here are the 5 vital POS printer advantages that help streamline restaurant and kitchen operations.


When your customer is walking several blocks to lunch, they can’t afford to wait 15 minutes at their table or in line for their order. If they have to wait too long, they will not return. A flexible receipt printer can expedite instore as well as online orders. Epson printers offer the functionality needed for restaurant staff to take customer orders with an online POS system, in line as well as tableside seamlessly and efficiently so that lunchtime patrons can get back to work. For the take-out orders, you’ll see customers waiting for their order to be called, but there is no line, so customers are not deterred from coming in and ordering. And after ordering, they have time to go pick up their napkins and condiments while they wait. This efficiency requires a flexible mobile POS printer that offers wireless connectivity, is rugged, lightweight and has great battery life to support mobile applications. Innovative POS receipt printers enable customer reservations and orders to be routed directly to the host and kitchen for immediate processing. This speeds up the dining process and enhances the guest experience, leading to a boost in restaurant sales. 


In the kitchen, when the checks are flying and the covers begin to increase, you must be able to rely on the ability of your receipt/kitchen printer. The constantly changing elements in a kitchen require a rugged device, which can withstand the elevations in heat. QSRs, FSRs, fine dining, and fast-casual restaurants require reliable printers that can handle the heavy transactions and can keep up with peak volume. Epson kitchen printers provide your restaurant with peace of mind that when the going gets tough your device will keep on going.   

Reliability is also essential in the restaurant kitchen where sounds often soar to painful levels. Busy prepping for evening service or restocking fridges on the other side of the kitchen, staff can easily miss checks coming through and add unneeded minutes to customer waiting times. A beeper from the Epson printer alerts staff to incoming orders ensuring that orders are not missed and customers leave satisfied. 

Order Accuracy

To keep customers satisfied and coming back, POS printers allow servers to easily make changes on the fly, cutting entry errors and food waste. They’re also able to turn large tables faster while cutting foot traffic traversing the floor to pick up receipts. By being able to handle more tables in a shift, they’ll make more tips, and customers have a smoother service experience. When restaurants have large parties that need separate checks, it’s a breeze to process them quickly and accurately. The server just swipes the card on the mobile device and the Epson printer prints the check right at the table. They can take orders for the entire table and send each to the kitchen with the touch of a button.

Ease of Use

Busy restaurateurs do not have time to train staff so it’s critical the POS printers are easy to use. Epson printers are designed to work right out of the box with certified mobile POS applications and there is little to no training required. The Epson receipt/kitchen printers also offer the features important to food service including two-color printing for exceptions and right-side-up printing.

Trusted Solutions and Support

Receipt printers play a mission-critical role for most restaurateurs and downtime can adversely affect their operations. Robust support is important and Epson has the resources available to effectively service the partner and hospitality provider. And with exceptional product durability, Epson partners and customers can enjoy worry-free receipt printing solutions.

At Epson, we provide the latest POS printing technology to speed transactions so restaurants can  serve more customers and help grow bottom-line profits. Our printers are designed with reliable components and the latest printer features that help run food and beverage businesses while taking increased volume and mobile transactions in stride.

At the core of Epson’s POS business is its network of world-class partners. Partnerships with the right partners, such as Oracle, helps in providing better solutions to customers quickly. Together, we deliver POS solutions for faster, more reliable food ordering and receipt printing— in the restaurant or on the go.

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