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5 Tips for a Successful Restaurant POS System Implementation

Paul Kufeldt
Implementation Director, Oracle Food and Beverage Consulting

When it comes to implementing a new restaurant POS system we all want it to go as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Here at Oracle Food and Beverage, we understand that time is money. The quicker we can have you up and running, the better. That’s why Oracle MICROS restaurant POS systems can be set up in about 60 seconds.

But ensuring a swift and successful implementation requires more than just the expertise of our skilled team of engineers. For the best implementation results, coordination between all parties involved is essential.

Here are five tips for a successful restaurant POS implementation:

1. Provide your POS implementation specialist with accurate and complete information.

It’s important to provide the implementation engineer with as much information as possible. Remember to hand over important system information and desired settings to our specialists, as any amendments or reconfigurations that have to be made will only slow down implementation.

2. Outline your service style and customer experience expectations.

Each restaurant, bar, café or stadium operates in a slightly different way, and the service expectations/styles will vary. For this reason, it is important to discuss expectations and service style with your implementation specialist. For the best implementation results, communicate with your engineer, talk through how your operations work, from front to back of house, and discuss any other unique quirks that define your restaurant experience. Taking this step will help the engineer when programming your system, allowing for adjustments according to your operational needs.

3. Pay attention to details during the review phase.

Be engaged through database review for a smooth transition into training and the live phases of your point-of-sale implementation. During this phase, it’s time to become familiar with the new tailored system, designed specifically to suit your business needs. Any final queries should be raised to outline steps for amendments. By paying attention to details here, you’ll reduce the likelihood of problems and delays further down the road. In addition, you’ll gain a better understanding of your restaurant POS system’s unique features, such as conversation ordering.

It’s critical that you never move onto the next phase of installation without being comfortable and completely happy that your system has been designed to meet the needs of your operation.

4. Ensure your entire staff is on board and understands the new POS system.

Once installation is complete, restaurant managers will be responsible for training new employees and managing on-site system maintenance; make sure they are on board. After all, it is these individuals who will be using the system the most, so their understanding and cooperation are key to the system’s longevity and success. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions and learn as much as you can from the implementation specialist. No question is a silly question. We want all our customers to be confident and empowered after their installation.

5. Take note of the POS troubleshooting processes.

After your contracted on-site support comes to an end, you will be your own first “port-of-call” if problems arise. Despite having access to Oracle’s support network, the quickest way to get back up and running is to solve your own problems onsite (if you can). Alternatively, narrowing down the issue will also help our support teams fix your problem more efficiently. Make sure to ask your installation specialist for the best ways to troubleshoot the system.

When investing in a new restaurant POS, it is important to bear in mind some of the largest POS system costs of ownership are hidden, from system-teething problems to installation disruption and need for long-term support. To minimize these costs and ensure the most seamless system implementation, it is important to partner with an organization that is focused on delivering a durable, resilient restaurant POS system.

To learn more about which Oracle solution could be right for you, view our workstation overview video or visit our website today. 

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