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What’s coming up in restaurant POS payment – an interview with 3C Payment

Gene Yasuda
Content Strategist

As a restaurateur, just imagine the power of payment and loyalty programs merged perfectly together as one.

For your guests, there would be no more fumbling for a loyalty card or punching in a membership number. And for you, the F&B operator, there would be an unprecedented opportunity to study customers’ spending habits – and create tailored rewards that truly entice them.

In today’s digital marketplace, the concept of payment is ever-evolving and broadening. That’s why 3C Payment – a global payment service provider and Oracle Platinum partner – is pursuing seamless payment and loyalty. In fact, there is so much demand for such digital innovations, the Luxembourg-based company just launched a subsidiary dedicated exclusively to their development: 3C Digital.

The new enterprise reflects 3C Payment’s growth and continuing adaptability to emerging opportunities. With 30 years of payments experience, 3C has worked closely with Oracle (and MICROS before it) for nearly half of its existence. Its biggest market segment is hospitality, and its clients include Starbucks, Caffè Nero and Pret. The company’s Pay @Counter and Pay@Table solutions are fully integrated into Oracle point-of-sale systems, assuring transaction speed, resilience and security.

With a solid foundation in payments, the company started thinking about where they go next. “3C Digital was really started to help our existing merchants as their path moved toward doing digital effectively” said Craig Borrett, 3C Payment’s Product Director.

Increasingly, F&B operators are needing to “solve the data requirements for the functionality of trade,” Borrett said. And what’s often required is a consistent payment journey and a consistent transfer of data.

“What 3C Payment does well is move that data and, obviously, handle payment data,” he added. “So, by bringing those pieces together, we believe we can offer very innovative services.”

In combining payment and loyalty initiative, “what it allows you to do is track who, what, where and when, and that all links to the payment transaction journey,” Borrett said. “That data is then priceless for clients because it allows them to determine what their loyal customers are spending and where they are spending. And then that data will allow them to target their customers for loyalty rewards.”

3C Digital is exploring other concepts, too. For example: enhancing “ordering ahead” capabilities and enabling guests at a restaurant or coffee shop to place a second order without leaving their table. It’s also pursuing what 3C calls “frictionless walkout” – giving guests the power to manage their checks from start to finish.

“The consumer would open the check and have complete control of the dining experience,” Borrett said.

For quick-service establishments, 3C’s Pay@Counter solutions (integrated into Oracle’s Simphony or RES point of sale) have become a staple, in great part, because of their resiliency and security. “Merchants rely on networks, but some networks go down,” Borrett said. “Some of the features we build into our solutions in terms of resiliency allow merchants to carry on trading even with network disruption.”

For fine-dining restaurants, 3C Payment has gained a leadership position with its Pay@Table solution that enables staff to manage tables efficiently. Among its most notable attributes: Managing multiple checks simultaneously via a mobile table restaurant POS.

“That’s important,” Borrett explained, “because what that means is, the Simphony or RES workstation is not locked down. Staff don’t have to wait for a colleague to finish. Through our mobile POS, you can open a check and manage multiple checks at the same time. The whole table management service can be done via our device.”

According to 3C Payment, the development of that solution was done hand in hand with Oracle, which explains the effective partnership between the two companies.

“Across Europe and the Middle East, we have the largest Oracle install base in terms of a payment service provider, so you can see how key the Oracle partnership is to us,” Borrett added.

Together, 3C Payment plans to continue delivering – through innovation and reliability – what matters most to its clients: creating exceptional experiences for their guests.

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