Wednesday Jun 27, 2012

New Information Center - Optimize Performance of FMW 11g

Following on the heels of the recently published - "Reviewing Security for FMW 11g" Information Center, we are pleased to announce the publication of

Information Center: Optimizing Performance of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g [ID 1469617.2]

Screenshot of ID 1469617.2

Image of the "Optimize Performance of FMW 11g" Information Center

We are in the process of making further tweaks and changes to improve the other ** "Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g" Information Centers. So watch this space!

** You can navigate to these other Information Centers via the menu found on the left hand side of the "Optimize Performance" Information Center.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

How to Update Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) to Latest Version?

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4.28 was released on 12th June. Full details can be found in this My Oracle Support document

RDA 4 Release Notes [ID 414970.1]

From a Fusion Middleware Core Component, Install and Administration perspective this latest release does not offer any significant new features or changes. However, despite the lack of Fusion Middleware specific new features in version 4.28, Remote Diagnostic Agent still comes as highly recommended. It is incredibly useful problem solving / troubleshooting aid. Support engineers dealing with Service Requests often request RDA output as it collects just about everything you might need to get a view of the state and configuration of the host operating system, network setup and Fusion Middleware components. To find out more take a look at

  • Running RDA Against Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g [ID 853437.1]
  • Getting Started With Remote Diagnostic Agent: Case Study - Oracle WebLogic Server (Video) [ID 1262157.1]

Note: While the latter document looks at RDA from the perspective of WebLogic Server, much of the advice given in the videos can be applied to other Fusion Middleware products.

Ok, let's get back on track with the topic suggested by the title. If you are already familiar with Remote Diagnostic Agent you may ask the question - 'How do I keep my RDA at the latest version?'

The answer is in "Running RDA Against Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g [ID 853437.1]". To quote:

There are two methods:
1. Upgrade RDA via OCM (Oracle Configuration Manager) 
Refer to the advice given in:
Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) Upgrade README [ID 1309034.1] 
2. Manually download and upgrade to the latest version. 
To quote from
Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4 - FAQ [ID 330363.1]
How do I upgrade my RDA 4.x installation from the prior release?
The most simplest and reliable way to upgrade your RDA installation is 
delete or move your old installation  to a new location. Then install the 
new release into the location you had the prior release installed. 

If you want to reuse you old setup.cfg file, you can place the older version 
into the new <rda> directory and it will try to upgrade your setup.cfg 
to the new features.

A second approach is to install the latest RDA into another directory, 
then if needed copy the old setup.cfg file to the new RDA directory. 
When the new RDA is run for the first time, it will try to upgrade 
your setup.cfg to the new features.

The upgrade method via Oracle Configuration Manager is nice because it allows RDA to be auto updated whenever a new release of RDA is made available (which roughly speaking is every 3 months). However, it does require you to install and configure Oracle Configuration Manager in addition to RDA. A quick guide to Fusion Middleware 11g and OCM can be found in this support document.

Configuring OCM in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g? A Quick and Easy Guide [ID 1096871.1]

Monday Jun 11, 2012

New Information Center - Reviewing Security For FMW 11g

Announcing ...

Information Center: Reviewing Security For Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g [ID 1458051.2] has been published. 

Screenshot of ID 1458051.2

Screenshot of FMW 11g Security IC

What is an Information Center?

Information Centers use widgets to aggregate knowledge content, such as support documents, product documentation, support community threads, which is pertinent to a given task or intent. Widgets either contain static lists or better still some widgets are dynamic. A dynamic widget uses a query criteria to present a list of support documents relevant to the title / subject matter of the widget. The content of a dynamic widget is refreshed automatically every 24 hours.

Once you are in an Information Center, you can use the left hand menu to navigate to other Tasks / Intent Information Centers (e.g "Install and Configure", "Patch", "Troubleshoot", "Upgrade" which are available for the chosen product.

Are Information Centers easy to find?

You can go straight to the new "Reviewing Security" Information Center by using the hyperlink given above. There are, however, two other methods which make Information Centers easier to find.

  • Browse Knowledge
  • Refine Your Search

Browse Knowledge

The "Browse Knowledge" is currently found in the "Knowledge" Tab Page in My Oracle Support. As illustrated by the screenshots below, you can find Information Centers by choosing a product (e.g "Oracle Fusion Middleware"), a version and an action / intent. If an Information Center exists for your selection the "Advisor Found" button is enabled. Clicking on this button will take you straight to the desired Information Center.

Screenshot - Browse Knowledge 1

Using Browse Knowledge - Screenshot 1

Screenshot - Browse Knowledge 2

Using Browse Knowledge - Screenshot 2

Screenshot - Browse Knowledge 3

Using Browse Knowledge - Screenshot 3

Refine Your Search

Refine your search is a dialogue which is triggered by certain keywords that you may enter into the Global Search field in the top right hand corner of My Oracle Support. The "Refine Your Search" works in a similar manner to "Browse Knowledge". Choose your product and version. The appropriate Task / Intent should already be selected for you. Thereafter, click the Go button.

Screenshot - Refine Your Search 1

Using Refine Your Search - Screenshot 1

Screenshot - Refine Your Search 2

Using Refine Your Search - Screenshot 2

Screenshot - Refine Your Search 3

Using Refine Your Search - Screenshot 3

Friday Jun 01, 2012

Oracle Fusion Middleware Support News - June 2012 Edition

Volume 4 -June 2012 edition - of "Oracle Fusion Middleware Support News" is now published.

Screenshot of Support News

Image of FMW Support News June 2012

To view the News, login to My Oracle Support and go to

Oracle Fusion Middleware Support News : Current Edition - Volume 4 : June 2012 [ID 1347075.1]


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