Thursday May 15, 2014

Become an Oracle Fusion Middleware Support Specialist!

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series delivers a targeted learning experience that is designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle product solutions, tools, and knowledge. The accreditation framework is targeted at customers and partners who have actively used My Oracle Support for at least 6-9 months.

The Level 1 path focuses on My Oracle Support functionality and features - foundation learning before you take on one or more product specific level 2 paths - Database, E-Business Suite, Fusion Middleware, and Business Analytics.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Accreditation Series (Level 2) path will help you:
  • Understand how Oracle Fusion Middleware products are supported
  • Find solutions and answers to Fusion Middleware issues more quickly in My Oracle Support
  • Learn the essentials of install, upgrade, and maintenance planning
  • Become aware of resources and diagnostics tools
Accreditation is achieved by watching the videos before taking an online exam. Questions in the exam are based on the information delivered in the videos.

Get started today by visiting the My Oracle Support document:

My Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index [ID 1583898.1]

Wednesday Apr 04, 2012

Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware

Prevent, Resolve, Upgrade !

If you have not seen or bookmarked it already, check out:

Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware [ID 1388293.1]

This is a one stop shop for navigating to proactive support material, tools, and communication channels related to Oracle Fusion Middleware e.g.

  • Lifecycle Advisors
  • Information Centers
  • Diagnostic and Health Check Tools like RDA and OCM
  • Support Communities
  • Newsletters

Furthermore, once in this support document, a click on the "Proactive Home" option in the menu will take you to the main Get Proactive support document. From this document you can access other product family "Get Proactive" documents such as the ones belonging to the Database and Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Premier Support: Get Proactive! [ID 432.1]

432.1 .. nice easy number to remember :-)

The "Get Proactive" support documents will be updated on a monthly basis. If you have any comments or feedback feel free to post against this blog entry. Or alternatively click the "Rate this Document" icon when viewing the support document in My Oracle Support.

Monday Mar 26, 2012

Getting Started with FMW 11g - Advisor Webcast Recordings

Predating the creation of this blog there have been two Oracle Support Advisor Webcasts which are worth reviewing - especially if you tackling install and/or patching of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g for the first time.

 Topic  Web Links
How to Plan for a New Installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Webcast Recording
Slides (PDF)
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Patching Concepts and Tools Webcast Recording
Slides (PDF)


Ignore the duration of the recording indicated by the link. You can skip forward to the main presentation and demo .. which shapes up at 45 minutes long, the rest is Q/A and blurb.

Support Advisor Webcast Schedule and Recordings are found via these support documents

Note: You will need a My Oracle Support login to access these documents.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

Welcome to the FMW Install and Admin Proactive Team Blog


Welcome to the Fusion Middleware Install and Administration Proactive Support blog.  This is our first post, so let's begin by introducing ourselves and our mission.

Who We Are

We are a small team of support engineers based in Europe.  Our expertise covers all matters related to the installation and administration of Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and future versions to come. We particularly focus on core components such as the
  • Installers and Configuration Wizards
  • Web Tier ( Oracle HTTP Server )
  • OPMN
  • Enterprise Manager Console for Application Server
as well as general questions / problems relating to patching, maintenance and architecture.

Our Mission

  1. Improve the customer experience
  2. Enable customers to avoid / prevent issues when working with our products
  3. Enable faster resolution of problems when they occur

Our Activities

  • Enhancement and maintenance of our knowledge base
  • Seek continuous improvement of the product documentation
  • Contribute to the Fusion Middleware Support News
  • Moderation of the "Oracle Application Server" support community
  • Participate in the Support Advisor Webcast program
  • Involved in the Lifecycle of diagnostic tools such as RDA and OCM
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Logging of enhancements and health check ideas
  • Provide feedback to product management / development
    • Logging of product bugs and enhancements
    • Suggest improvements that could be made to web sites like OTN
  • Promote new support documents, tools via channels such as Newsletter and Social Media
We hope that this blog will be a two-way communication as we are interested in feedback on what we can improve. Many suggestions we can act on immediately while others may take more time, but all of them will be acknowledged and followed up.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to both informing and working with you.

Postscript: Many links you will find in our blog entries will require a login to My Oracle Support. For readers who do not have a login, please accept our apologies - when and where possible we will endeavour to ensure the links will supplement rather than replace wording in the blog entries.


This is the blog of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Proactive Support Delivery Team. Here we will provide information about our activities, publications, product related information and more. Feedback welcome.

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