Monday Apr 27, 2009

Sun Storage 7000 2009.Q2 Release

The first major Sun Storage 7000 series software update, known as "2009.Q2", is now available at the Sun Download Center.

You can find the complete release notes here. A summary of the major new features is below:

Data protocols

  • NFSv2
  • FTPS
  • SFTP

Data services

  • FTP analytics
  • Microsoft shadow copy for shared folders
  • CIFS share-level ACLs
  • AD cross-forest authentication

Software features

  • Workflow automation
  • SMTP relay configuration
  • Authenticated NTP

Monday Mar 16, 2009

Blog links, 3/16

It's been a few of months since the last blog roundup from the Fishworks team, and there have been quite a number of interesting posts.

Bryan has been hard at work excoriating the SPEC SFS benchmark and chastizing its would-be supporters (with a brief diversion to marvel at the similarities between the Fishworks business plan and that of NetApp from its inception).

Dave has written a great post on fault management and alerts in the Sun Storage 7000 series. He also recently highlighted one of the great, unsung features of the 7000 series: built-in, free, flexible compression that can in fact improve system performance.

Adam wrote the very useful space calculator for the Sun Storage 7410. This uses a 7000 series system to calculate the delivered capacity of a 7410 configuration. Conveniently, you can use this with the Sun Storage 7000 Simulator — a fully-featured VM version of the 7000 series whose use and genesis Adam also wrote about in detail. He spoke at the OpenSolaris Storage Summit about the Hybrid Storage Pool and ZFS and at the WISH conference about the failings of SSDs today. Taking the lead from bloggers at EMC and NetApp, Adam wrote about the flexibility of the Hybrid Storage Pool, discussed its origin, and commented on the announcement of some SSDs designed for the HSP.

Brendan, the ever prolific performance profiler, has written and continues to write an amazing series on the performance of the Sun Storage 7000 series:

Stay tuned for more from the Fishworks team!

Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

First Software Update Available for Sun Storage Series 7000

As the throngs of screaming brendan fans beginning to fade outside Fishworks headquarters, we are happy to announce the first software update for the 7110, 7210, and 7410. See Cindi's blog for more details.

Tuesday Dec 23, 2008


Will Snow from has a few of our boxes, and has some simple examples of how to script the CLI. Ho ho ho!

Tuesday Dec 02, 2008

Blog links, 12/2

A couple of cool blog posts from team Fishworks today:

  • Cindi has captured the Fishworks project as a visualized Code Swarm. Check out her blog for all the details.
  • Adam has written a lengthy post on the virtues of the Hybrid Storage Pool using flash as a cache as contrasted with the use of flash as a replacement for hard drives.
  • Late Addition: Brendan has posted some remarkable performance numbers and provides some useful pointers when evaluating performance.

Also of note is a blog post from Gene Ruth at the Burton Group:

Turns out Sun uses SSDs tailored both for write performance to handle an internal logging function and then read optimized SSD to act essentially as a really large cache. All wrapped around their open-source ZFS file system hidden within the storage subsystem. Sun is demonstrating technology leadership by tightly integrating SSD technology into a complete storage subsystem - yes others have done a pluggable replacement for a HDD, but that's fairly obvious and less then optimal.

Thursday Nov 20, 2008

Blog links, 11/21

While you can keep up with the feed of fishworks-tagged blogs, here are some recent posts by Fishworks engineers that you may have missed:

  • Greg talks about SAS, SATA, and JBODs all work together. And to anyone who thinks it's easy to "roll your own" cluster with SATA disks in a SAS JBOD, be sure to sit down with Greg (and Keith) for an enlightening/mind-numbing discussion about SATA affiliations.
  • Dave shows just how easy it is to add Analytics infrastructure to arbitrary applications by demonstrating HTTP/WebDAV analytics.
  • In his continuing quest for sympathy over the difficulty of lighting an LED (often called the "last problem" in computer science), Eric describes the final pieces needed to provide a coherent user experience for managing disks and faults.
  • Bill discusses the design and features of managing administrative users on the appliance, though he leaves on a cliff hanger - the true power of role-based access control (predicted to be a ratings monster) is put off until the next entry.
  • While venting his frustration over the Perl's resemblance to "a reeking metropolis like Lagos or Nairobi", Bryan provides insight into the history and power of the CLI.
  • While mentioned in the previous entry, Adam flexes his python skills and provides a tool for calculating storage capacity for various 7410 configurations.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Mike's RAS whitepaper that describes a smorgasbord of features that keep your data safe and you informed about all the problems (or hopefully lack thereof) on all Sun Storage 7000 systems.

Running the numbers

New tools are now available for storage administrators considering the 7410, in addition to the much-heralded appliance simulator VM:

The Sun Storage 7410 Power Calculator, which allows you to spec out your system, (including JBODs), and determine its active idle and sample power consumption based on estimated workload.

Adam has created a space calculator for use with the VM, to help determine how much usable capacity is delivered for a given RAID level, number of JBODs, and any Logzilla devices on 7410-based systems.

Monday Nov 17, 2008

1.0 Dinner

The Fishworks engineering team gathered with our spouses and significant others last night to commemorate our 1.0 release with a celebratory dinner at Town Hall in San Francisco. Defying statistical probability, all eighteen attendees ordered the pork chop entrée. Reportedly the 1.0.1 meal is not expected to include additional courses, however preliminary Analytics show a 1.3x reduction in drink latency.

Friday Nov 14, 2008

CEC Presentations

In addition to the launch at CEC, we did several presentations on the new Sun Storage 7000 product line:

These presentations are designed for the CEC audience, and are not intended for general customer use. Many of them were accompanied by demos and discussions, but hopefully the slides themselves will be of interest to some.

Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Blog links 11/12

A few more blogs on the Sun Storage 7000 Series:


Official blog of the Oracle Fishworks engineering team.


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