Tuesday Aug 14, 2007

DTrace for #!/bin/sh

Now this is seriously handy - Alan Hargreaves has released a DTrace provider for sh over on opensolaris.org. No more hiding under the excuse "its the shell" - bad shell scripts will now be exposed :).

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

13th Irish OpenSolaris User Group Meeting

Tim has been busy organising the next Irish OpenSolaris users group meeting -

To: [ug-ieosug] 13th Irish OpenSolaris User Group Meeting
From: Tim Foster Tim.Foster at Sun.COM
Date: Wed Aug 1 08:42:29 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the 13th Irish OpenSolaris User Group meeting:

Topic		Discovering Open High Availability Cluster
Date		Tuesday	August 14th
Time		7:00pm onwards
Location	TBD

This month, we're lucky to have Nick Solter, from the Open HA Cluster
community visiting Dublin who will give us a talk about Open HA Cluster,
which forms the basis of one of the newer communities on

Solaris Cluster, Sun's high-availability cluster software, is going
open-source! This presentation will first give an overview of High
Availability software and Solaris Cluster, and demonstrate how Open HA
Cluster can be used with OpenSolaris and the Apache webserver to provide
higher availability for web services.

Nick's talk will next describe the open-source roadmap, give an overview
of the source code, and walk through the steps to download, compile,
install, and play with Open HA Cluster and Cluster Express. The talk
will conclude with a description of the contribution process and some
sample projects for community participation.

As usual we'll also be doing the roundup of news since our last talk,
and will be adding audio from this meeting to our podcast feed.

More info at:

We \*don't\* yet have a venue for this meeting, so if you'd like to host
it, please drop a mail to this list [ I'm actually out on vacation from
Monday for 2 weeks, but will of course be at the meeting on the 14th and
will try to monitor this list in the meantime: so please could someone
finalise the venue for the group - otherwise, I'll assume we're at
meeting at the Sun offices in East Point as per last month. ]

I'd also like to take this opportunity to poll for talks or speakers for
our September meeting - if you'd like to talk about anything
OpenSolaris-related on Sep 25th, we want to hear from you.

If you're looking for an excuse to visit Ireland, here's your chance -
we'd love to have you present a talk to the user group, and will do our
best to show some Irish hospitality!

See you all then!

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Thursday Jul 12, 2007

Project Indiana @ IE-OSUG Tonight

Just a quick reminder that Glynn Foster is talking about Project Indiana, the project to create a reference OpenSolaris distro, at tonights Irish OpenSolaris Users Group Meeting.

Tonights meeting is being held at the Sun Ireland office in Eastpoint Business Park - just a short walk from Clontarf Road Dart Station. Tim has already created map.

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Thursday Jul 05, 2007

12th Irish OpenSolaris Users Group Meeting - Project Indiana

Tim's been busy sorting out speakers again for the next Irish OpenSolaris Users Group Meeting ...

Subject: [advocacy-discuss] 12th IE-OSUG meeting - Project Indiana
From: Tim Foster 

Hi all,

We're happy to announce the 12th Irish OpenSolaris User Group meeting.

    Topic: Project Indiana
     Date: Thursday 12th July 2007
     Time: 7pm onwards
 Location: TBD

July's meeting is a little earlier than usual: we're delighted that
Glynn Foster will be in the country and has agreed to give a talk on
Project Indiana, a project that aims to create a new distribution of
OpenSolaris that's more familiar to users of GNU/Linux.

If you've been keeping up with OpenSolaris, you'll know that this has
been a highly anticipated, and much talked about project, and it's an
exciting time for OpenSolaris at the moment.

Along with his role in helping to define the Indiana project, Glynn was
elected onto the OpenSolaris Governance Board (OGB) during the elections
in May this year, so you should use this opportunity to pick his brains
while he's in this hemisphere!

- more about Project Indiana, and the latest draft of the Problem
Statement at:

This announcement is available at:
please feel free to spread this announcement as widely as you can - this
is a rare opportunity to hear from someone on the OGB.

As usual, we'll be recording this meeting, and adding it to our podcast,
which is available at:

We haven't yet finalised a venue for this meeting - if we have to, we'll
hold it in the Sun offices in East Point Business Park near Clontarf,
but if anyone else would like to offer a venue that's a bit more
central, please let us know!  I'll send an update on Tuesday next week.


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Tuesday Jun 26, 2007

ZFS Test

Jim Walker has announced the arrival of the zfs test suite over on testing-discuss. Mike Byrne has a brief write up on the cast.

Five DTrace Oneliners in Five Minutes

The 11th Irish Opensolaris Users Group meeting is taking place tonight, and I have offered to give one of the lightning talks. So, without further ado, the slides for my lightning presentation this evening

Now if you have clicked on the slides you will have noticed that its not quite five oneliners, but seeing as the DTrace consumers I'm using fit on one line I think they qualify :).

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Monday Jun 18, 2007

11th Irish OpenSolaris Users Group Meeting

As organised once again by Timf, the 11th Irish OpenSolaris Users Group meeting has been scheduled.

Lightning Talks & Installfest
Tue June 26th frm 7 PM onwards @ DIT Kevin St, Lecture Theatre KE: G-007

Despite my previous utterances, and in light of the rather cute idea of five minute lightning talks, I'm going to give a brief talk, on (drum roll please)....

fintanr's top 5 DTrace oneliner's
  (otherwise known as where I start looking once \*stat tools reach their limitations)

So one minute a one liner - I might need to talk fast ;). Thanks to the folks at DIT for hosting us.

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Thursday Jun 14, 2007

older, and much, much bigger...

OpenSolaris is two, so a year older and a lot bigger than many (nearly all) would have predicted. Jim Grisanzio has posted a detailed, and very impressive, list of statistics on OpenSolaris.
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Wednesday Jun 06, 2007

psst... hear that?

OpenSound on OpenSolaris ;).
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Wednesday May 30, 2007

SMF Presentation Slides from 10th ie-osug meeting

I gave a short presentation on SMF to the Irish OpenSolaris Users Group last night, once again kindly hosted by the folks from Trinity Netsoc, the slides are available here. Tim has done a slightly longer write up..

This will probably be my last talk for a few months, but as always if there is something thats of interest drop a mail to discussion list, and we can will organise a talk. Happy SMF'ing...

Oh, and of course some credits, thanks to Tim, Sean, Nicky, Damien and the non blogging Steve for comments and suggestions, and to Liane for letting me lift and modify large chunks of her various SMF presentations.

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Thursday May 10, 2007

10th Irish OpenSolaris Users Group Meeting

As already mentioned by Tim the 10th Irish OpenSolaris Users Group Meeting is on the 29th of May, hosted by the good folks of Trinity Netsoc. Yours truly is once again braving the front of the lecture hall, and this months topic is (drum roll please) Service Management Facility (smf(5)) [1].

We have proposed some basic ideas for what will be covered, but I haven't started to put together the talk yet, so if there is anything in the realm of SMF (and of course within reason) that interests you please let me know and I'll try to cover it.

[1] With thanks to Liane for the title which I so gratuitously borrowed.

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Monday Apr 23, 2007

9th Irish OpenSolaris Usersgroup Meeting

From: Tim Foster 
To: Irish OpenSolaris User Group 
Subject: 9th Irish OpenSolaris User Group Meeting
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 22:26:42 +0100

Hi All,

We're happy to announce the 9th Irish OpenSolaris User Group Meeting.

This month Eoin Hughes and Alberto Ruiz will be presenting a talk called
"OpenSolaris for GNU/Linux Users".

     Date: Tuesday 24th April 2007
     Time: 7pm
 Location: TCD, Robert Emmet Theatre, Arts Block

This talk aims to give an introduction to some aspects of OpenSolaris
that could prove helpful to users coming from other UNIX-like operating
systems. Eoin and Alberto plan to cover things like /proc, SMF and the
SVR4 packaging system - enough to get you started with using

If this topic proves popular, we'd be happy to do similar talks in the
future about other aspects of OpenSolaris that may appear different from
other operating systems you've used in the past.

Likewise, if you'd like more in-depth technical discussions of any of
the things covered, then we'd be happy to oblige.

We'll probably head to a local pub afterwards to continue the
discussions - everyone welcome!

Announcement at

OpenSolaris Test Farm

Jim Walker announced the initial deatils about the OpenSolaris Test Farm last Friday, see the announcement over on testing-discuss

You can subscribe to the testing-discuss alias if you want to keep an eye on developments, all the details are on the Testing Community page.

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