Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

tweeting @sunservices

Are you using twitter to keep in touch with Sun? Want to keep up with whats happening in Sun Services, you can now follow us on twitter @sunservices.

Sunday Mar 22, 2009

[ot] Murder Monlogues @ The Teachers Club

A little bit of promotion, a friend of mine Jane Mulcahy has a new play running in Dublin during April and May, Murder Monologues @ The Teachers Club. If your in Dublin during that time its worth checking out.

Friday Mar 20, 2009

OpenSolaris 2009 Elections & Constitution

Just cast my ballot in this years OpenSolaris OGB Ballot, and voted yes for the new OpenSolaris constitution. I strongly believe that if your entitled to vote on something and didn't then you shouldn't be complaining about it later, so if you are a core contributor you should go vote now. Polls close at Mon Mar 23 23:59:59 2009 PDT.

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

The Developers Edge

Darryl Gove just announced the availability of a a new book, The Developers Edge over on his blog. The book is a collection of various entries on sites such as, and I have the privilege of having one of my past entries, STREAM and the performance impact of compiler optimization included.

The book is available via Safari, and if your looking for tips tricks and insights to get that little extra edge I'd highly recommend dipping in.

Monday Mar 09, 2009

DTrace, Fortran & Sun Studio

Just read a really, really cool article on a newly evolving feature of the Sun Studio Fortran Compiler, a -dtrace option, which will allow you to automatically generate dtrace probes in your Fortran code. Must go play when I get an opportunity... this is wickedly cool.

Friday Mar 06, 2009

Analyzing Performance Benchmark Data

One of my colleagues back in my days in performance, Eoin Lawless did a very interesting blog post on Analyzing Performance Benchmark Data a few weeks back. Well worth a read.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

[ot] St Patrick's Festival Photo Competition and Pixie Party

So as you might imagine St. Patricks Day is a bit of an event here in Dublin, and this year the good folks over at are running a super photography competition, with some superb extras for the photoblogging community, namely a chance to get one of two gold passes to the this years St. Patricks Day Parade.

With prizes from Canon, and the Guinness Storehouse inviting 250 users to an after party this is going to be fun ;). Join the Pixie St Patrick's Festival Group and follow both @stpatricksfest and @pixie on twitter for more info.

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

Chief Governance Officer for Cloud Computing

At Sun we take privacy very seriously, its an area which Michelle Dennedy lead as our Chief Information Strategy & Privacy Officer.

Anyway Michelle announced yesterday that she is taking on a new role as Chief Governance Officer for Cloud Computing - an area which has to be one of the most challenging in the cloud landscape.

Monday Feb 02, 2009

bad benchmarks and other stories

I luckily managed to avoid having to deal with Spec-SFS during my days in performance, Bryan Cantrill has written a very nice eulogy for a benchmark. Well worth a read.

Monday Jan 26, 2009

Connector/J 5.0 to 5.1 gotcha

I moved a dev environment a little while back, and one of the gotchas I hit was a minor change between MySQL Connector/J 5.0 and 5.1. The support for select x as y type syntax is not actually valid under the jdbc api, but its something I tend to use a lot in various places. In 5.1 its been disabled by default. Anyway the work around is quite easy, although as I was moving envs (revved netbeans, mysql, OpenSolaris, connector j, glassfish, jmaki and a bunch of other things at the same time, call it optimism) I checked god knows how many other things first. Just add


to your jdbc connection string and select as to your hearts content.

Thursday Jan 22, 2009

Irish Open Solaris Groups Meetup

Tim sent an announcement out yesterday to on the 18th IE-OSUG meeting, 7:30 PM @ The Vaults next Thursday Jan 29th.

For those interested in hearing about my adventures in mac book land, be it with OpenSolaris native on the mac or via Sun xVM Virtualbox I'll have the macbook along so you can take a look. You can of course pull me aside to talk about our OpenSolaris service & support offerings if so inclined, but its Thursday evening so it might cost you a beer.

Saturday Jan 10, 2009

[crosspost] A bit of trad part something or other

Crosspost from my personal blog, but its worthwhile...

Now honestly not everyone is related to an album releasing trad musician, but one of my colleagues just pointed me at his sister Orla Harrington who has just released a new album, Melting Snow. Worth checking out over on myspace if you listen (or are interested in) Irish folk/trad music. Actually just give a listen even if your not.

On a similar note if you happen to be in New York this evening, a member of APAP and attending their conference my previously mentioned cousin Niamh Ni Charra is playing tonight. But if your reading this blog thats a kinda of unlikely possibility, but hey you never know.

Sunday Jan 04, 2009

Tape still matters...

... and other tails. Back in the distant past I used to host a personal blog on journalspace, so I've watched the stories coming out about the loss of all of journalspace's [slashdot] user data[journalspace] with more than a passing interest. It has really brought home to me that no matter how cheap storage gets, and with the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems we are radically redefining storage economics (and allowing some Australians to vent their cricket frustrations at some jbods, just a theory mind...), you do sometimes need some form of offsite backup. For most businesses that is still tape.

Of course tape by itself is not a disaster recovery plan, and here at Sun we offer a whole range of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services to meet your needs, with specific services within our Managed Services portfolio to address storage, including remote back up.

As an aside I wrote a small script to migrate journalspace content at the time I moved blogs, its available on my personal site if someone wants to grab it. A quick look at Andrews entry on how to recover journalspace entries with google cache suggests it would be a pretty straight forward set of changes to get the script to drag data from google instead. ~

Saturday Dec 20, 2008

A Welcome Return For Science

Like a lot of people I have been waiting to see who Obama was going to nominate for his science candidates, articles are starting to pop up in various [politco] places [yahoo], but thankfully the news is good, very good. Jane Lubcheno as head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and John Holdren as director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Scientific rather political appointments show vision, for those of us outside the US we can't wait to see the US take the leadership role it needs to take on climate change.

But every change counts - here in Ireland they have an often derided, but very effective government program The Power Of One which covers the most simple ways to effect change, turn of that light, plug out the tv rather than leave it on stand by, you know all of those simple things.

Business can make changes as well, and we have been leading the way here in Sun for several years with our continuous long term investment in Eco Innovation ranging from our CoolThreads Servers, to our innovative Suite of ECO Services services along with our world leading virtualization software such as VirtualBox and the performance analysis tools available in OpenSolaris which allow you to get the most of your investments. Save money, help your business and save the environment - sounds good to me. With the political will that Obama is putting behind the environment the momentum is now truely there, and everyone, all around the globe, benefits.

Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

Layers of cool tech....

or tech for tech's sake in some eyes..... (go on click on the image)

yes thats me getting the best of multiple worlds with OpenSolaris running in VirtualBox on my MacBook (running OS X which includes Sun innovations such as DTrace and ZFS) and installing NetBeans. Adventures in my development environment to follow...

And if you want to use OpenSolaris in production with the peace of mind that a support contract brings your boss take a look at our various OpenSolaris subscription services.




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