Thursday Apr 07, 2016

The Umbilical Cord Between Business Model and Compliance

In her fifth video blog of the series, Saloni Ramakrishna discusses the fundamental connect between business model and compliance and how compliance has remained in the reactive stance due to a lack of appreciation of this connect.  She speaks of the two components of Business Model (BM) - Target Strategy Model (TSM) and Target Operating Model (TOM) and how compliance is at the core of Target Operating Model. Weaving compliance into the TOM creates the foundation for positive and active compliance that is a value multiplier.[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

Lessons NOT Learned: A Video Blog

In her fourth video blog of the series and in line with the theme of real world issues, Saloni Ramakrishna discusses the lessons that the financial industry have NOT learned from failures, collapses, takeovers, bailouts and astronomical fines that grow more astronomical by the day. History has loads of examples where firms that have been in existence for a century or more have disappeared almost overnight and that is a reality to which financial services cannot afford to be blind. [Read More]

Wednesday Jul 02, 2014

Model Risk Management In Banking: You Are Vulnerable Without These 3 Lines of Defense

Throughout the years, financial institutions have become heavily dependent on various models for risk calculations, performance management, anti-money laundering, fraud detection, credit risk management, etc.  Advanced models are very useful when it comes to dealing with large amounts of complex data and decision making; however, when used incorrectly they can lead to drastic implications as well.  Effective model risk management can be achieved if you follow 3 lines of defense.  Join Krishnamurthy Venkatraman, Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, as he discusses these 3 lines of defense.
[Read More]