Thursday May 26, 2016

A new perspective on the potential of data

Howard Mather, Oracle Financial Services Principal Sales Consultant, describes how data is the new currency and a valuable asset.[Read More]

Monday May 16, 2016

From FATCA to GATCA: The Making of Global Tax Network (Part 2)

In the second part of the blog series From FATCA to GATCA: The Making of Global Tax Network, Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Consultant, Gaurav Kesarwani, builds on the context set up in the first post and discusses how GATCA is different from FATCA.
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Thursday May 12, 2016

A single regime for data: Management of risk becomes management of business

Howard Mather, Oracle Financial Services Principal Sales Consultant, discusses how data increases value once it becomes more useful. 
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Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

Lessons NOT Learned: A Video Blog

In her fourth video blog of the series and in line with the theme of real world issues, Saloni Ramakrishna discusses the lessons that the financial industry have NOT learned from failures, collapses, takeovers, bailouts and astronomical fines that grow more astronomical by the day. History has loads of examples where firms that have been in existence for a century or more have disappeared almost overnight and that is a reality to which financial services cannot afford to be blind. [Read More]

Tuesday Feb 10, 2015

Big Banks Don’t Need Big Bangs: An Evolutionary Approach to Enterprise Stress Testing

David Bomser, Senior Director for Banking Analytics at Oracle, shares his knowledge of enterprise stress testing and the high stakes surrounding stress testing.  With regulators laser-focused on the governance and processes behind regulatory mandated stress testing, banks need to evaluate each major area of their stress testing programs to understand where they are most vulnerable and subject to regulatory scrutiny. 
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Tuesday Nov 11, 2014

Compliance Risk Assessment: Are Tier 1 Banks doing it Right?

In this post, Garima Chaudhary, Senior Sales Consultant for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, discusses today's stringent regulatory environment in the financial industry. Due to the nature and levels of risks inherent to their business activities, tier 1 financial institutions should have a compliance risk management framework that enables them to identify, monitor, and effectively control the compliance risks facing their entire organization. As a result, compliance risk management has emerged as key business concern across the globe.
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Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

Credit Management in the Time of Quantitative Easing

Easy money is drying up, with central banks the world over tightening their monetary policies. A general strengthening of lending norms and greater central bank scrutiny of loans portfolios are also on the anvil. To succeed, then, banks need to particularly focus on their credit management strategies. "But do they have the tools?", asks Karthick Prasad, Vice President for banking products.
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Tuesday Jan 07, 2014

New Regulatory Measures Against Money Laundering: Are You Ready?

Financial Services Institutions are taking a fresh look at their anti money laundering systems with an eye toward expanding automation, improving performance, standardizing processes, and improving transparency.

Join Don Ryu, Senior Director – Product Management for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, as he discusses why financial institutions should improve their AML systems and how their investments will protect them in the future.

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Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

In a World of Complex Banking Regulations: Perhaps Less means More!

The combination of new banking regulations with an increasingly uncertain business environment, has led to the realization within the financial services industry that the disciplines of model risk management, liquidity risk management, and risk data aggregation are interrelated business obligations. 

Join Subin Paul as he discusses the regulations and challenges financial institutions face today.

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Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

The Virtues and Challenges of Implementing Basel III: What Every CFO and CRO Needs To Know

For this blog post Dr. Varun Agarwal of Capgemini Financial Services joins us to walk through the key features of the Basel III regulatory framework and examine the impact that it will have on financial services institutions.  He also explores the challenges and benefits of implementing complex financial regulations and makes the case for embracing them in light of the long term profitability and sustainability that they can bring to banks.

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