Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Off the Beaten Path – Exploring Banking Solutions for Women Owned SMEs

Despite the growth of women-owned businesses, there is a tremendous gap in their access to finance. It is estimated that over 70% of women-led SMEs are either unserved or underserved financially, which translates to a roughly $300 billion market opportunity for financial service providers.[Read More]

Friday Apr 22, 2016

Live! From Oracle Industry Connect

Check out these video blogs, recorded LIVE from Oracle Industry Connect. Oracle Product Manager, Don Ryu, discusses the compliance and regulatory space for Financial Crime and Compliance.  In the second video, Oracle Product Manager, Kiran Jagannath gives an update on Customer Insight for Financial Services.
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Thursday Apr 21, 2016

Live from ACAMS: Woman on the Street

Our woman on the street, Kim Tyler, Oracle Financial Services Product Manager, discusses the hot topics she saw at ACAMS in her first video blog.
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Friday Feb 19, 2016

10 Reasons why Banks should move to Exadata

Exadata Machine

Several Banks are already reaping the benefits of Oracle Exadata Engineered Systems. If you still have not done so, Reshmi R (Kurup) – Solution Architect at Oracle shares ten reasons to move sooner and reap the cost benefits and new opportunities that it opens up. [Read More]

Wednesday Jan 27, 2016

Drivers of Compliance in the 21st Century: A Video Blog

In Saloni Ramakrishna's second video blog, the Senior Director at Oracle and Author of Enterprise Compliance Management - An Essential Toolkit for Banks & Financial Institutions discusses what's driving compliance in the 21st century.  The classes of compliance drivers she reviews are Direct Drivers and Indirect Drivers.  Do watch Saloni Ramakrishna's second video blog of the Compliance Risk Management Series.  The third video in the series "Gray Areas, Myths, and Conflict Zones of Compliance" coming soon.
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Wednesday Jan 13, 2016

Interesting Shifts in the Compliance Space: A Video Blog

Introducing Saloni Ramakrishna, Senior Director at Oracle and Author of Enterprise Compliance Management - An Essential Toolkit for Banks & Financial Institutions, in her debut video blog series.  In her first post, Saloni Ramakrishna discusses interesting shifts in the compliance landscape.[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

Model Risk Management: A CCAR Perspective

Model risk is not a new concept to financial services institutions. However, while financial institutions are undertaking model risk as a calculated risk for conducting business, regulators have started emphasizing the need for effective model risk management and governance. Join Krishnamurthy Venkatraman, Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, as he reviews the Supervisory Guidelines on Model Risk Management and how financial institutions should be strengthening their MRM framework and governance.
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How to Stay Ahead in The World of Financial Crime

Banks can no longer wait and see, they need to address their issues before it takes over. Banks need to apply a risk-based approach in order to take proportionate measures. Relationships should only be terminated when risks cannot be mitigated instead of cutting out entire jurisdictions. [Read More]

Friday Oct 02, 2015

Big Data and Financial Crime and Compliance: A marriage made in heaven or one that's doomed to fail?

Big data is a trendy topic right now, not only in financial services, but across all industries.  As the quantity of available data will most definitely continue to increase, especially in the financial services industry, is big data and financial crime and compliance management a marriage made in heaven or one that's doomed to fail?  Join Sasi Mudigonda, Senior Product Manager for Financial Services at Oracle, as he dives headfirst into a data lake.
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Thursday Jul 09, 2015

Eliminate the Vulnerability in Model Risk Management in Banking

To adequately reduce risks inherent in bank models, a comprehensive and sustainable model risk management program should take into account a number of critical components. Join Garima, Senior Sales Consultant for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, as she walks us through these components.

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Tuesday Jan 27, 2015

Oracle Ranked as Category Leader in 2014 Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Report

Vice President of Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA), Ambreesh Khanna, reports on Chartis' 2014 Category Leaders in Financial Crime Risk Management.  The leading provider of research, covering the global market for risk management technology, ranked Oracle as a top provider of the solutions firms need to solve financial crime, regulatory, compliance and fraud issues. The findings revealed the strength of Oracle's technology - the OFSAA Financial Crime and Compliance portfolio of applications deliver high-volume and low-latency suspicious transaction detection.  Read more here.
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