Tuesday May 03, 2016

From FATCA to GATCA: The Making of Global Tax Network (Part 1)

In the first part of the blog series From FATCA to GATCA: The Making of Global Tax Network, Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Consultant Gaurav Kesarwani reviews FATCA and its new big brother - GATCA. 
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Wednesday Feb 12, 2014

Top 3 Myths About FATCA: What You Need To Know

There are three goals that Foreign Financial Institutions should focus on to address FATCA requirements. Join Don Ryu, Senior Director, Product Management for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, as he discusses the first goal: Avoid Penalties by acquiring “Compliant” Status. In this post, Don addresses why it is so important for Foreign Financial Institutions to prove their compliance to FATCA.
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Thursday Feb 21, 2013

FATCA Compliance - Boon Or Bane for Foreign Financial Institutions ?

fatcaIn order to comply with the requirements of FATCA, a new FFI needs to introduce new client and account on-boarding procedures, withholding calculations as well as new regulatory and client reporting. Join Don in a discussion on what impact will FATCA have on your operations and how you should meet this challenge.

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