Wednesday Jan 27, 2016

Drivers of Compliance in the 21st Century: A Video Blog

In Saloni Ramakrishna's second video blog, the Senior Director at Oracle and Author of Enterprise Compliance Management - An Essential Toolkit for Banks & Financial Institutions discusses what's driving compliance in the 21st century.  The classes of compliance drivers she reviews are Direct Drivers and Indirect Drivers.  Do watch Saloni Ramakrishna's second video blog of the Compliance Risk Management Series.  The third video in the series "Gray Areas, Myths, and Conflict Zones of Compliance" coming soon.
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Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

Message Standardization approach towards Risk Data Aggregation

It is better to have a long term view towards compliance by adopting standards in the implementation process in order to build a resilient system. Join Aparty in this example of message standardization towards Risk Data aggregation.[Read More]

Wednesday Jan 13, 2016

Interesting Shifts in the Compliance Space: A Video Blog

Introducing Saloni Ramakrishna, Senior Director at Oracle and Author of Enterprise Compliance Management - An Essential Toolkit for Banks & Financial Institutions, in her debut video blog series.  In her first post, Saloni Ramakrishna discusses interesting shifts in the compliance landscape.[Read More]

Wednesday Dec 02, 2015

How to Gain an Enterprise-Wide View of Model Risk

Financial Institutions maintain model critical information on a silo’d basis and as a natural extension of the same, the risks arising from these models are also managed on a silo’d basis. This causes a challenge for senior management to get an enterprise-wide view of the risks arising out of models used across the organization. Therefore, there is a need to adopt an enterprise-wide approach when it comes to model risk breaking divisional silos. Read the latest blog post from Krishnamurthy Venkatraman, Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, to learn how financial institutions can gain an enterprise-wide view of model risk.
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