Tuesday May 10, 2016

No More Dithering Over Digital Transformation!

There’s little doubt that one of the main factors currently affecting the financial services industry – and that’s likely to go on affecting it for years to come – is the move towards digitization. Digital disruption in itself isn’t new – it’s been happening in different industries over the past 20 or 30 years. Now it’s the turn of financial services. [Read More]

Tuesday May 03, 2016

Can ‘IoT’ Shake Banks?

As disruptive technologies continue to fuel innovation, banks are not likely to remain unaffected by the emergence of IOT. Are banks prepared to seize the new opportunities presented by IoT?  Here is a three dimensional perspective on how banks can gear up if indeed IoT reaches a tipping point.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Off the Beaten Path – Exploring Banking Solutions for Women Owned SMEs

Despite the growth of women-owned businesses, there is a tremendous gap in their access to finance. It is estimated that over 70% of women-led SMEs are either unserved or underserved financially, which translates to a roughly $300 billion market opportunity for financial service providers.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 17, 2016

Gray Areas and Myths of Compliance: A Video Blog

In Saloni Ramakrishna's third video blog, the Senior Director at Oracle and Author of Enterprise Compliance Management - An Essential Toolkit for Banks & Financial Institutions discusses the myths and conflicts around compliance.  Watch Saloni Ramakrishna's third video blog of the Compliance Risk Management Series.  The fourth video in the series "Lessons NOT Learned" coming soon.[Read More]

Friday Oct 16, 2015

Digitization, Transparency and Collaboration - Themes Banks Need to Address to Stay Ahead

Sibos 2015 - Technology was the key topic of discussion. There was optimism for the new opportunities created by technology. How can banks best exploit these opportunities? [Read More]

Reflections from SIBOS 2015: An industry at the crossroads, finally making a decision to transform

SIBOS 2015! Where banks ruled and rued about their economic might and influence, realising that they are probably losing out in a digital world, from goliaths in business in the offline world; in the digital world they are minions and they are only trying to figure out what to do. Good News! There is growing realization that they need to change.[Read More]

Tuesday Oct 13, 2015

The Secret Sauce to Success in International Banking

As banks plan to expand their operations across borders; how well their international strategy takes into consideration the bank’s capabilities and constraints will determine whether their international operations will create waves or just be another drop in the ocean.[Read More]

Friday Sep 11, 2015

The Distribution Enterprise – Bank of the Future

Banks that gain the ability to 'productize innovation' will wield the power to create the next big wave in the industry.

Read on to discover the key pillars on which the bank of the future can be built. 

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Thursday Jul 09, 2015

Eliminate the Vulnerability in Model Risk Management in Banking

To adequately reduce risks inherent in bank models, a comprehensive and sustainable model risk management program should take into account a number of critical components. Join Garima, Senior Sales Consultant for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, as she walks us through these components.

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Wednesday Jun 24, 2015

Canary in the Coal Mine : What Customer Tweets to the Top US Banks Reveal

Most surveys show that banking has ranked lower than most industries as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. Analysis of the conversations taking place between banks and their customers on the dedicated banking customer support twitter handles give us an opportunity to take a closer look at the data and examine the root cause for some of this dissatisfaction. Do the results sound a death knell for banks and will such trends hold up with millennials who increasingly form a larger population of the banks’ customers? Mark Atherton walks us through the analysis of the Top 25 US retail banking customer tweets and highlights long term fixes for the deeper problems the results reveal.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

Is it a Bank, a Supermarket, a Retailer or an MNO

Hand holding a cardThe Reserve Bank of India recently announced that new licenses will be granted for payment banks in India, a move aimed at promoting financial inclusion. A set of guidelines were released to which the proposed payment banks will have to adhere. In the light of this development, a number of telecom operators, supermarkets chains, retail sector cooperatives, PSUs, electronic wallets and prepaid instruments players have applied for licenses. In this post, Tushar discusses how banking technology can help the proposed payment banks achieve profitability while staying competitive and sustainable over the long run.
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Friday Oct 31, 2014

What a Bank Branch will be like in 2025!

mobile payments

Over a series of posts, we have discussed in detail how innovations in technology have the potential of disrupting the banking industry and how mobile and internet have become the preferred banking channels, leading to a question mark on the relevance of bank branches. Join Tushar as he conjures a fictitious scenario of what bank branches may be like a decade from now and how they could not only remain relevant, but also deliver an enhanced user experience. 

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Tuesday Sep 02, 2014

Know, Empower And Wow Customers: Making Customer Insight Analytics Actionable

In this post, David Bomser, Senior Director for Oracle Financial Services Global Business Unit, describes his take on Customer Insight.  Since today’s banking customers are spoiled by other industries, especially non-bank financial services provides such as PayPal and Amazon, they now demand that their banks know them, empower them, and wow them.  Good customer insight analytics can aid banks in making sound decisions on treating customers and improve a customer’s lifetime value.  Read more.
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Tuesday Aug 19, 2014

Thinking Local, Regional and Global : Challenges and Opportunities for Banking In The ASEAN Region

A strong transaction banking platform enables banks to take advantage of new opportunities in the ASEAN Economic Community.

Join Anand as he offers his views on the challenges and opportunities for this region.

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Wednesday Jun 25, 2014

Global Transaction Banking 3.0

A global revenue management, pricing and billing system enables banks to understand what products customers have and how to charge for services competitively based on the relationship.Join Clayt as he discusses some of the underlying issues that can  lead to revenue leakage within Global Transaction Banking space and how to resolve them.

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Tuesday Jun 17, 2014

The Mobile Payment Wars: It Pays to “Mobilize” Your Loyalty Programs!

mobile paymentsMobile wallets, touted as the next big thing in the mobile payments landscape, haven't really taken off, owing to multiple reasons discussed in previous posts on the same topic. So can digitized loyalty programs deliver the much needed fillip to encourage adoption of mobile wallets? Join Tushar as he discusses the probable impact of 'mobilized' loyalty programs on mobile payments in his fifth post in the series of posts on disruptive innovations in mobile banking.
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Thursday Apr 24, 2014

Why and How Should Banks and Wealth Managers Target Mass Affluent Customers

With the plateauing of the HNI and UHNI segments, wealth managers and private banks today need to look beyond the traditional segments to tap the growing mass affluent clientele. In this post, Tushar Chitra, Senior Director for Product Marketing at Oracle Financial Services, talks about how banks have historically been targeting the mass affluent customer and what they can do to better address their needs.
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Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

Where Are The Leaks? Plumbing Tips For A Banker

Recent studies have revealed that revenue leakages can range from 1% to 7% of gross revenue, depending on the level of maturity of the processes and controls environment. Join Clayt as he addresses some of the underlying issues that can lead to revenue leakage within financial services and how to resolve them.
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Monday Feb 10, 2014

Financial Services Blog Quarterly Roundup

Over the past year The FS Blog authors have written on a wide variety of topics ranging from big data and analytics to customer experience and core transformation within banking. Join me as I introduce you to some of the trending topics in the New Year and insights on them from our business and product leaders.
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Thursday Feb 06, 2014

The Mobile Payment Wars: The Importance of BLE And NFC

mobile paymentsThis post is the third in the series of posts on disruptive innovations in mobile banking. Join Tushar as he discusses how the BLE and NFC technologies can collaborate to deliver an enhanced user experience.
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Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

“Can’t Get There From Here” : 4 Key Ways Retail Banking Transformation Can Help

Today, many large banks are finding it difficult to restore their returns-on-equity to pre-Global Financial Crisis (GFC) level.

Join David as he walks us through some of the ways that transforming your retail banking operations and the underlying IT can help.

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Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

Financial Inclusion : An Obligation Or An Opportunity For Banks?


As financial inclusion gains more and more attention globally, banks need to acknowledge their role and take concrete steps towards enabling inclusive finance.

Join Tushar as he discusses the role of banks in building a more inclusive society.

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Thursday Oct 10, 2013

Cash and Trade Convergence in Transaction Banking: Are Your Corporate Clients Demanding a More Holistic Treasury Solution ?


The increasing preference for cash and trade convergence in corporate treasuries provides banks an opportunity to offer an integrated transaction banking platform.

Join Tushar as he discusses the various aspects of cash and trade convergence and its impact on corporate treasuries.

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Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Still Unsure About Retail Consumer Banking Through Social Media? Act Fast or Get Left Behind!

social media bankingIs retail banking through social media channels just a passing fad, or is it on the way to becoming the preferred banking channel for today's connected consumer?

Join Tushar as he reflects on the present and future trends in banking through social media.

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Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

Drive Business Growth by Unlocking Rich Customer Insights Using Big Data Within Financial Services

Customer InsightToday’s financial services organizations covet customer insight and understanding like never before. It represents the key to growth and profitability in an industry increasingly saddled with a more stringent, if not more uncertain, regulatory environment, as well as diminished product differentiation and more limited fee-based revenue opportunities.  Join Oracle’s Kiran Jagannath as he discusses the importance of Customer Insight.  

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