Monday Mar 21, 2016

Know Your Customer: Moving Beyond Regulatory Compliance Part 2

Gururaja Prasanna, Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, continues the Know Your Customer journey in his most recent blog post. In his last post, he discussed the key challenges around a KYC program and will now continue to outline the best strategy on how to move beyond just checking the regulatory box and ensuring your KYC program is a sound business strategic initiative.[Read More]

Thursday Mar 10, 2016

Know Your Customer: Moving Beyond Regulatory Compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) refer to operational tasks carried out by financial institutions in order to mitigate their risk exposure and to comply with anti-money laundering. However, financial institutions need to move beyond the challenges posed by this and see this activity as a way to boost customer satisfaction. Read more from Gururaja Prasanna, Principal Sales Consulting at Oracle.[Read More]

Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Anti Money Laundering System Assurance: Don’t Leave Your AML Program to Chance

Matthew Long, Financial Crime and Compliance global Solution Lead for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, discusses financial crime systems, AML in particular, and how they are increasingly turning to one of assurance. What checks and controls are in place to ensure that the systems are effective, relevant to today’s AML challenges and are performing as they were intended? [Read More]