Introducing Alamere Insurance

Lynne Sampson
Managing Editor
Oracle's Chuck Johnston discusses the launch of Alamere Insurance and the genesis of the concept.

The Web site for Alamere Insurance, a model insurance company created by Oracle, went live last Friday. Since Oracle already works with thousands of insurance companies around the globe, you might wonder why we wanted to create a conceptual company of our own.

Alamere came about because of a comment made by one of our CIO Insurance Council members during a discussion about our strategy and direction. He suggested Oracle should actually buy an insurer and run it for ourselves to really feel the pain of our customers. While becoming an actual insurer would be outside our mission, he made a good point. Even though many Oracle Insurance employees come from insurance carriers, it is easy to lose touch with the end-to-end issues that insurers deal with on a daily basis.

Alamere Insurance began as an internal model for conceptualizing the business footprint of an insurer in planning our product footprint. The idea of a model insurer was so appealing, it was quickly adopted by our Product and Marketing experts as a vehicle to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our products, show integration and end-to-end solutions, and illustrate our vision of how an adaptive insurance business works. Phase One of Alamere, the Web site, is now live at www.alamereinsurance.com. Here, you can read descriptions of how Oracle Insurance products work together, see sample output from applications such as Oracle Documaker, watch Flash demos of our products, and download Webcasts or white papers.

We'll be adding back-end functionality in Phase Two so you can see Oracle Insurance applications running behind the scenes. Alamere is a unique proposition as it combines elements of model office, marketing, and industry thought leadership. Unlike a pure demonstration, we want to show you what goes on behind the scenes when you request a quote, create a document or process a service request. Through the ongoing story of Alamere Insurance, we intend to show you how you can modernize and transform your business in a real-world setting. Because Alamere is the conceptual framework for our internal model office, it keeps us honest in ensuring we apply real-world situations to our design, development and testing.

Please follow the Alamere story and send us feedback to help us keep Alamere as real and true to market as we can.

Chuck Johnston is vice president of Global Strategy and Alliances, Oracle Insurance.

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  • Yalcin Tarkan Wednesday, September 22, 2010
    I think this is a great idea. Oracle, as usual, proves its creativity and leadership in every aspect.
    I'll be followingg the Alamere Insurance
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