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The Hyperconnected Consumer Is Your New Boss

Think of the last boss that drove you crazy. He had extremely high expectations, demanded everything to be done right away and always put his personal convenience above all else. If you didn’t deliver, he’d find someone else to replace you in a heartbeat. Meet the new hyperconnected consumer.

In today’s digital age, mobile technology has drastically changed the power dynamic between business and consumers. Consumers literally hold in their hands more power than ever before through their digital devices. Smartphones, tablets and laptops keep them online 24/7, which empowers them with virtually unlimited information accessible within minutes.

Changing Power Dynamics: Consumer vs. Business

Let’s explore the analogy of the employee-boss relationship to the business-consumer relationship further. The boss has personal preferences that change according to the situation. For someone who doesn’t clarify what he wants, he sure is nitpicky! He just expects his employees to anticipate his needs.

Like the demanding boss, the hyperconnected consumer dictates what they want, when they want it and how they want it. If a product or service doesn’t cater to their unique situations, the consumer can easily explore other options immediately. The consumer expects constant flexibility and multiple options.

Even the consumer’s own circumstances can’t stop them from online activities. They can go online and conduct transactions in virtually any situation. Transfer money while standing in line at the grocery store? Sure. Confirm insurance coverage while riding the subway? Why not. Check investments while lounging on the beach? Definitely possible.

Engagement through Innovation and Moxie

On the other end of the spectrum, business takes on the role of the employee. The employee faces the monumental task of doing more, better, faster—all while maintaining high quality, resolving new problems and rising above the others. This is the challenge for businesses in the digital age.

The wise employee will step up, eager to make an impact. In the big picture, it’s not only making the boss’s life easier; it’s an opportunity to cultivate a meaningful relationship. Consequently, the boss will come to trust that employee, even confide in the employee more often. And if all goes well, the boss will grant the employee a raise or a promotion.

In the consumer-business relationship, we would consider this engagement. The consumer interacts with the business by exploring its website, clicking on links or initiating online chats with customer service representatives. They might even make a purchase or tell a friend about the excellent level of service they noticed about a company. If the business makes it easy for the customer by offering mobile capabilities, customers will engage on their smartphones and tablets. They’ll happily shop, pay their bills, even e-sign documents from wherever they happen to be.

Mobile Strategy for Highly Regulated Industries

In the last decade, hyperconnectivity has become engrained in every moment of the day. Sixty-seven percent of cell phone owners find themselves checking their phones even when their phones aren’t ringing or vibrating, according to the Pew Research Center. Even more telling, 44 percent of cell phone owners sleep with their phones next to their beds in order to prevent missing calls, text messages or other updates throughout the night, according to the same study.

Hyper-connectivity is no longer a luxury. It’s the norm.

As more corporations ramp up their mobile strategies, decision-makers in certain industries may feel like they’ve got their hands tied behind their backs. Insurance, financial services and healthcare face additional hurdles in government regulations. Unlike other industries, their customer communications must abide by government rules regarding mandated language, disclosures, even font sizes. For those industries in particular, the solution is a high-tech customer communications management (CCM) system.

They need a modern system that makes it easy to deliver dynamic, responsive content to smartphones, tablets and laptops. The solution is an omnichannel platform that makes it possible to transform the same content, following the same rules, to mobile devices.

The Omnichannel Solution

To help companies meet the demands of the hyper-connected consumer, there’s Oracle Documaker Mobile. This new addition provides the critical mobile component to Documaker Enterprise Edition, the market leader for enterprise document automation. Documaker Mobile gives you the ability to generate content for the iOS and Android operating systems, as well as desktop browsers. The result? Everyone is happy: the company; its customers; and yes, the regulators.

As you explore new ways to make your company fit into your hyperconnected customers’ busy lives, learn more about Documaker Mobile, Oracle’s newest addition to the Documaker family.

Check out Oracle’s latest video  introducing Documaker Mobile.

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