Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

rip those suckers out

So today I had my wisdom teeth removed. I'd put it off for ages subscribing to the theory it was really just a gimmick that dentists/oral surgeons used to make money. I've never had any orthodonics done so there hasn't been a money motivation to keep my great teeth. I ended up just deciding to do it since I'm now taking better care of my teeth. It seems correlated to having both of my front teeth broken and replaced from being hit with a field hockey stick in the mouth during a game...

Anyway, everyone has passed on their stories, typically nightmarish. I get a chance to see what it's like. So far so good though.

Monday Dec 22, 2008

Are you a hobbit?

It turns out that I'm Aragorn.

What LoTR Character Are You?

Sunday Dec 14, 2008


Friday Dec 12, 2008

Race Car Driver or Trapeze Artist?

It seems that Ally has a bit of the daredevil in him. It seems that anything that involves a steering wheel or a swing are the only things that will sate him (that or some danger related activity). I guess when he gets a little bigger I'll take him along to the climbing gym. He seems to enjoy standing up on the high, narrow window sill (I'm actually there to watch him, no Michael Jackson shennanigans going on about holding my son out a window).

Whenever we head to the park Alasdair heads straight for the swings and wants to pushed for hours (well not quite, but a long time). If I attempt to take him out he screams like I'm poking him with a sharp stick. Sometimes I can distract him with a wheel:


However, what really gets him going is driving the car. Whenever we head down he heads straight to the driver's side door. He seems to know where everything is, so far he hasn't figured out where the keys go, it's probably only a matter of time ;-)

You are right if you think that this is just a gratuitous attempt to put up photos of my son because I think he's awesome.

Tuesday Dec 09, 2008

Minority Report comes alive!

This looks very cool. I have to see if there is a way for me to get a hold of this to poke and play with!

Sunday Nov 30, 2008

Kris Kindle

My immediate family is fairly dispersed around the world. We live on three different continents. So recently we decided to simplify matters we would do Kris Kindle for the adults (grandkids clearly have a special exemption). My parents are the controllers in this situation. It turns out this year they had my grandmother pick the names out of a hat and stuff them in envelopes to post to the multitude of remote Buckinghams. I think my sister even had some check that it all was ok.

Clearly if you've spent any time reading my blog you'll have got the impression that I'm a geek (if not a nerd). So I decided that I should write some code to make this all simple. I decided to write a Perl script (Perl, because I'm lazy) that takes a list of names and email addresses and uses a simple combination of random numbers and backtracking to send emails to the involved folks telling them who they need to buy a present for.

Now it looks like next year it will be a much simpler task to get this going and the only problem will be trying to think of an appropriate gift for your Kris Kindle.

Friday Nov 14, 2008

New little Buckingham

There is a new baby Buckingham who recently arrived in the world. Oliver Hugo Buckingham arrived at 13.27 GMT, Monday November 10. Here is Oskar playing with his new little brother:

It sounds like Mum, Dad and big bro are all doing well. Our thoughts are with them as they adjust to the new member of the family and the coming lack of sleep ;-)

Monday Oct 06, 2008

Viva la Montreal

So last week we spent a few days in Montreal. We went to visit Mairi's sister-in-law, Katie, who's teaching there for a semester and enjoy some good food and speak some bad French. And that's pretty much what we did. On the Saturday we arrived and wandered around Westmount, on Sunday we went to visit the Old Town of Montreal and just walk the streets, then on Monday we visited the Botanical Gardens. The gardens were pretty spectacular. They had an exhibit of lanterns in the Chinese Garden:

Whilst there we hung out in the Pavilion of Infinite Pleasantness:

Which turned out to be pretty pleasant as Alasdair fell asleep whilst looking out over the lakes at the various lanterns. And we finished the day checking out some bansai trees which were of North American natives, before heading back to Katies:


After that we had few issues the next day with Google's directions back to the airport, but we survived (and also survived the plane trips both ways with a 13 month old).

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

Moments of Clarity

Sometimes it's important to realise that we are all human beings with real feelings and lives. Recently a good friend of mine and his wife went through a difficult time with an unexpected medical emergency. Scott covers the details in his blog in far more detail than I ever could. The key thing here is that it really emphasises the value of family and relationships. Those are the things that will stay with us and be meaningful to us in the long term.

I'm really glad that Scott and Laura have got through this and I hope I don't have to go through a similar shock in the future.

Friday Sep 12, 2008

Is my son really Tintin in disguise?

There's a remarkable resemblance between these two don't you think?


There is clearly an age discrepancy between the two, but they seem to have the same tuft of blondish hair. I guess I'll have to stay tuned and see whether my son gets up to the same adventures as Tintin. It could be that there's money in writing about it ;-)


Peter Buckingham


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