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Working With Recent Updates To The Page Composer User Interface

Richard Bingham
Senior Development Manager

This article provides a few tips-and-tricks on working with the updated user interface for Page Composer - the tool for adjusting the properties of page components in Oracle ERP, SCM and HCM Cloud Applications. There are no significant changes in the features supported, however a familiarization with the new layout may help when attempting specific customizations. We've had a few questions on it, so hopefully sharing with the community will help others.

Let's first look at adding new content. As you may already be aware, adding new components is only possible in selected "landing pages", where core functionality can not be obstructed. An example is the homepage, where you'll see the buttons for adding content and configuring pane layouts appear when you click on the Add Content tab.

The new layout seems to allow you to attempt to add components from the Page Composer Catalog (which is now hiding in a left-hand side pane by default) to a page which doesn't support them. When you do this you will see the following message. Go back to the Add Content tab and see if the page can be used, looking for a container box pane and the buttons shown above.

Next let's look at editing component properties. This is where you'd use Expression Language (or literal values) to customize how that component looks or performs.

Using the Select tab, you will be able to access the following Edit Component popup, for those components which support customization.

Alternatively you can use the Structure tab (now hidden in a pane at the bottom of the window) to access the structure hierarchy. Notice the Dock action which helpfully sticks the pane in place.

By clicking the 'cog+pencil' toolbar button you can get a full list of component properties. Note that not all properties will support your custom values, and on the whole those intended for customization are shown in the simplified equivalent popup shown above.

If the structure pane toolbar buttons are disabled then the component cannot be customized, usually to prevent disrupting the core page functionality. If you have a business case for customizing an additional page or component then please contact Oracle Support to get the enhancement raised.

Another common question is how to access data. Every page has a list of "bindings" available for use, as explained in this article. Again the data available is page-specific, and there is no directory or documentation for this, so simply look into the page before designing your customization. In addition there are some common webcenter variables available, such as generalSettings and securityContext to get common values like username or job role.

For more hints and tips on page composer take a look at this whitepaper and also the links in this article.

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